NFL 2018 Week 9 4:00 Games Prediction

Los Angeles Chargers V. Seattle Seahawks (-1.0)
Here we are with the first game of the 4:00 games and we have a pretty good slate of games. Now first we have the Chargers taking on the Seahawks and I am so confident in the Chargers winning this game. The Chargers played a good game their game against the Titans a couple of weeks ago and now they get their star running back Melvin Gordon back from injury. One thing that scares me this game is that this is the first home game for the Seahawks since their late owner Paul Allen died. But I still think the Chargers will win and cover this game.

Los Angeles Rams (-2.0) V. New Orleans Saints
So of course this is going to be a very good, fun, and exciting game to watch, but I am very confident in that the Rams are really “all that” that they will win this game. The Saints offense is probably the best offense in the league this season, so this will be a tough task for the Rams defense. Now you may ask why this will be a tough task for this really good Rams defense, well the Rams are only 4-4 against the spread this season, 3-1 last month. So Like I said I am confident that the Rams get this win as they are my lock of the week.

Houston Texans V. Denver Broncos (-1.0)
And for our final game we have the Texans heading up to Denver to play the Broncos. Now this game we will really see if the Texans are a good team as they won their last 5, but all of those teams that they beat are either negative or neutral right now. So this is their toughest task as they have to head up to Denver to play this tough defense. Now I think they are a good team and they should get this win. Losing Will Fuller sucks, but they just added Demaryius Thomas to the team. I see this being a low scoring game tho as defense will dominate, but The Texans will win and cover.

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