NFL 2018 Week 10 1:00 Games Prediction

Week 9 Record: 8-5
Week 9 Spread Record: 6-7
2018 Record: 85-48-2
2018 Spread Record: 59-72-4
2018 Locks of the Week: 3-6

Buffalo Bills V. New York Jets (-7.5)
To start off the week we have one of the funniest games to watch. We have Matt Barkley going against Josh McCown in the backup QB Super Bowl. Now there is no chance that the Jets should lose this game. The Bills are probably the worst team in the NFL, and now with Barkley starting at QB, it could be even worse. And if we are being honest, Josh McCown isn’t that bad of a QB. So for my lock of the week, I have the Jets winning and covering.

New Orleans Saints (-6.0) V. Cincinnati Bengals
Now minutes before I picked this game, I said the Bengals should cover and keep this game close, but then a minute later I find out that A.J. Green will miss this week, and most likely next week. Now you might think that I am overreacting, but the Bengals have no targets now that Green won’t be playing. And lets mention the fact that the Saints might be the best team in the NFL now since they just beat the Rams last week.

New England Patriots (-6.5) V. Tennessee Titans 
Now if the Bills didn’t have Matt Barkley starting this week, the Patriots would be me lock because the Titans will get pummeled this week. Now yes, the Titans played a really good game last week, but it was against the Cowboys. The Cowboys aren’t a very good team so its not the biggest accomplishment. But before their game against the Cowboys, they went on a 3 game losing streak, just playing terrible football. Also it doesn’t help that the Patriots are now on a 6 game winning streak scoring 25 or more points in those games. So I expect a blowout for this game as the Patriots will win a cover easily.

Arizona Cardinals V. Kansas City Chiefs (-15.5)
Now this is just a joke of a game and I love this high spread. The Chiefs will have no problem winning and covering this game as they might win this game by 30 for the hell of it. I just feel bad that Josh Rosen has to play in this game.

Washington Redskins V. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3.5)
Now I hate the Redskins. I gave them a huge compliment last week on how they are being overlooked and they are a good team, and then go out and get crushed by the Falcons. so screw the Redskins I am all in on the Buccs. Fitzmagic will go off today and win by a billion.

Detroit Lions V. Chicago Bears (7.5)
I really hate this line. Now did the Lions score 0 touchdowns last week? Yes. But the Lions defense played pretty well. The Lions gave up 24 points last week but the Lions defense held the Vikings to 164 passing yards and 128 rushing yards. Pretty good in my opinion and now the Lions play a easier offense in the Bears. The Lions should keep the game close, but the Bears will come out of the game with the win.

Atlanta Falcons (-5.5) V. Cleveland Browns
I love this game. So many people think now the Browns will play good since they don’t have Hue Jackson coaching, but on the contrary they will play just as bad with Gregg Williams coaching. The Falcons had a nice comeback game last week against the Redskins last week and the Falcons will put the Browns away with easy work. Expect the Falcons to win and cover.

Jacksonville Jaguars V. Indianapolis Colts (-3.0)
Now this is another game I love. As a Blake Borltes supporter the stock is very low, but you should not sell. This is the game the Jags and Blake will use to get back on track and win the AFC South. Now I am a little scared because Andrew Luck is playong reall good this season, and is the only reason why the Colts have 3 wins this season. But the Jags still have a good defense and the Colts defense have played so horrible this season, so the Jags should win this game.

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