NFL 2018 Week 10 4:00 Games Prediction

Los Angles Chargers (-10.0) V. Oakland Raiders
SO here we are and after a terrible start to the day, and I mean terrible, we have another game that has a high line, and its not the only. The Chargers are going to put the smackdown on the Raiders tonight and its going to be hilarious. The Chargers are ranked top 15 in offense this week and they are going against the #24 defense in the league. This is a game you can watch and laugh at because there really isn’t a point to this game. The Chargers will win and cover this game pretty easily.

Miami Dolphins V. Green Bay Packers (-10.5)
Another snooze fest of a game, as Miami heads up to Green Bay to play the Packers. We get to see Osweiler start once again today, and the Osweiler effect has left me. I don’t care to see him play anymore as he is being overused now. And I know the Dolphins don’t have a choice, but I just don’t want to see this game. The Packers should win but I expecting the Dolphins to cover and keep it close.

Seattle Seahawks V. Los Angeles Rams (-10.0)
Now at least we have one game that I think will be competitive. I think this will be a close game throughout most of the game, but the Rams should come out of this game with the win. Last time these teams played, the Seahawks did give the Rams a run for the money, but that was in Seattle. Now we are in LA and I think the Rams should come out with the win and cover the spread.

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