New York Giants V. San Francisco 49ers

New York Giants V. San Francisco 49ers (-3.0)

So here we are, another prime time football game and I couldn’t be any less excited for it. First off it is probably the worst Monday Night Football game in history as the 1-7 Giants take on the 2-7 49ers. Secondly the Giants are 0-3 in prime time games this season, losing all those games in embarrassing fashion. So if there is any Giants fan out there right now that wants to watch this game, come fight me you idiot.

Now one positive for this game is the Giants are coming off the bye week so we should be nice and rested for tonight game, but in all honestly we should all want the Giants to lose. The Giants are in a very good position for the #1 overall pick and I do not see the Raiders winning another game this season so losing is big for the Giants. I just hope we see Kyle Lauletta start soon.

Also there is the factor that this is a tragedy game for the 49ers. Of course I am praying for everyone that was effected by the wild fires in California, but the point I bring up is that teams always play well after tragedy strikes their city. And of course most people know that but, it is a very valid point. So expect the 49ers to win and cover tonight, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Niners do the same thing to what they did to the Raiders to us.

Nick Mullens had a great performance last week against a shitty defense so he could have a similar performance, but to be honest I don’t think the Giants defense is that bad. This is going to be a harder competition for him, but we will have to see how he plays.

But my prediction for this game is a Giants loss, my main reasoning is that this is a tragedy game. Now if you somehow don’t know what a tragedy game is, it is when something bad happens to a teams city and in this case it is the wild fires going on right now. Prayers to everyone dealing with this as this just fucking sucks to happen, but I think the Niners should get the win and cover the spread.

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