2018 MLB Awards Prediction: Manager of the Year

A.L Manager of the Year Nominees:

Alex Cora Boston Red Sox

Bob Melvin Oakland Athletics

Kevin Cash Tampa Bay Rays

Winner: Alex Cora
Runner Up: Bob Melvin

So yeah this award is already a wrap as Cora had one of the best seasons  a rookie manager can have. He was brought in to help an already good team that had 93 win the previous season to a dominate squad that got 108 wins. And in years past the Red Sox looked really bad in the playoffs, well not with Cora at the helm, as the Red Sox would go 11-3 in the playoffs and winning the World Sereis. Pretty good, especially for a rookie in my opinion and I will be shocked if Cora does not win.

N.L. Manager of the Year Nominees:

Brian Snitker Atlanta Braves

Bub Black Colorado Rockies

Craig Counsell Milwaukee Brewers

Winner: Craig Counsell
Runner Up: Bud Black

This award was much harder to predict as all three of these managers deserve this award, but I think Counsell deserves it the most. Black and Snitker had really good years, but I think Counsell deserves it just for what he did in September. The Brewers were down many games at the start of September, but Counsell would not settle for second place and the wild card as he brought his team back and tied the Cubs for the N.L. Central. The Brewers would go on to win the tie breaker game against the Cubs and made it all the way to game 7 of the N.L. Championship round.

So that’s my predictions so far. I am 1-1 so far, and I’m pretty sure I will get the two correct tonight, but for tomorrow we have the Cy Young and boy do I have some takes coming. If you want to see when that blog gets released follow me on Twitter at

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