2018 MLB Awards Prediction: Cy Young

So here we are, the Cy Young award is here and it might just be the most controversial of the 4 awards being announced if it goes a certain way, and I will get into it. But for now let’s just get into my predictions.

A.L. Cy Young Nominees

SP Corey Kluber Cleveland Indians

SP Justin Verlander Houston Astros

SP Blake Snell Tampa Bay Rays

Winner: Blake Snell

Runner Up: Justin Verlander

So this one is basically set in stone by now. The season Snell had with the Rays is basically unmatched. Snell lead the MLB in wins and WAR this season and was the only American League pitcher to have an era below 2.00. Pretty good, but of course Verlander makes the case as he lead the A.L. in strikeouts, but a bad end of the year lost him the award.

N.L. Cy Young Nominees

SP Jacob deGrom New York Mets

SP Aaron Nola Philadelphia Phillies

SP Max Scherzer Washington Nationals

Winner: Jacob deGrom

Runner Up: Max Scherzer

So obviously this award is hard for me to do because no matter how much I say there is no bias, there is always going to be a bias as I am a Mets fan. But deGrom truly deserves this award. From leading the MLB in ERA at 1.70, the 6 lowest ERA since they lowered the pitchers mind in 1969, the second beat WAR in the MLB for pitchers. And now Scherzer fans will say that he lead the MLB in strikeouts with 300, but deGrom still had 269 strikeouts. It’s not like deGrom had a terrible season striking out people. And there’s nothing more annoying then people telling me that him going 10-9 on the season is a factor. How could his win loss record be looked at serious when he was on one of the worst teams in the MLB this season and still lead the MLB in ERA. Clearly it wasn’t deGrom’s fault that he only has 10 wins and only 9 losses. When your team cannot score you will not have any wins. So yeah, that’s my non biased perspective of this award.

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