2018 MLB Awards Full Recap

So the MLB Awards are finally over, and there has been some stupid winners and there has been the obvious winners. But lets just get into my reaction to the winners of the awards.

N.L. Rookie of the Year Winner: Ronald Acuna Jr.
No shock on this one as Acuna was easily the best rookie this season in the N.L. Acuna received 27 first place votes so it was a very easy victory for Acuna. Juan Soto came in second, only receiving 2 first place votes and 26 third place votes. Both Soto and Acuna had very similar seasons, but it was Acuna’s impact that gave him the edge. Acuna was a huge factor in leading the Braves to their first playoff appearance since 2013.

A.L. Rookie of the Year Winner: Shohei Ohtani
And when I talk about the baseball writers being stupid, this is one of my examples. I really think Ohtani didn’t deserve to win rookie of the year since he missed about 1/3 of the season due to injury. The only reason he won is because he can hit and pitch. No other reason because Andujar had a better batting average, more home runs, RBI’s, doubles, and runs.

N.L. Manager of the Year Winner: Brian Snitker
So I said this in my manager blog, I have no problem with any of these managers that can win this award. All 3 of these managers had great seasons, but what stood out for Snitker was it was he lead a team that went 72-90 the season before to 90-72. Such a good young team, we will see the Braves a lot in this position in the future.

A.L. Manager of the Year Winner: Bob Melvin
So yeah this was another place where the writers somehow messed up. Now don’t get me wrong, Melvin is a very good manager that lead a young team to the playoffs, but Alex Cora deserved this award way more. This was Cora’s first season as the Red Sox manager and he had their best season in franchise record. Now you may say he was handed this team, but what happened the previous two seasons. The Red Sox were a terrible playoff team and got eliminated from the ALDS in embarrassing fashion. What happened this season, oh you know the Red Sox destroying any team that was put in front of them and winning the World Series. Big Mistake here.

A.L. Cy Young Winner: Blake Snell
So this came to no surprise as Snell played so good this season as he was the best pitcher in the A.L. this season. Snell lead the A.L. in ERA, and lead the MLB in wins this season. It was a pretty close race between Snell and Verlander though, as Snell got 17 first place votes and Verlander got 13. Snell had a 15 point difference which gave him the win, but man was it close.

N.L. Cy Young Winner: Jacob deGrom
So for some reason I was really scared that deGrom would be screwed out of this award, but man was I wrong. deGrom destroyed Max Scherzer as deGrom almost won the award unanimously. But of course a San Diego writer named John Maffei had to screw deGrom out of getting the clean sweep. I really don’t know why he thought to chose Scherzer over deGrom, but he is a coward.

A.L. MVP Winner: Mookie Betts
So without J.D. Martinez being in the top three, there was no doubt that Mookie wasn’t winning this award. He revived 28 first place votes (one going to Trout and one going to J.D.) in a complete domination. I just feel bad for Mike Trout because he only has won MVP twice in his career and finished 2nd 4 times so far. Trout already has the Lebron effect on him, as he just needs to leave the Angels in order to win more.

N.L. MVP Winner: Christian Yelich
So yeah this one wasn’t close at all as none of the top 3 nominees got a first place vote. Yelich was so close to winning unanimously, but Nick Piecoro from Arizona hilariously put deGrom as hist first place for MVP. It sucks for Yelich, but I now heel better after deGrom didn’t get his unanimous MVP. But back on Yelich, its a very big award for all of the MLB. Yelich became the first player to win MVP and eat ass (on camera) in MLB history. Huge.

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