NFL 2018 Week 11 1:00 Games Prediction

Week 9 Record: 7-7
Week 9 Spread Record: 3-10-1
2018 Record: 92-55-2
2018 Spread Record: 61-82-6
2018 Locks of the Week: 3-6

So, lets just forget that last week ever happened. That had to be my worst week ever predicting games. So many favorites lost, I couldn’t predict a single high spread, it was just awful. But this week, this is a new week and I can just feel that I will do so much more better. That’s a SmallDog Dan guarantee.

Houston Texans (-3.0) V. Washington Redskins
And just as I gave up on the Redskins last week, they played such good defense against the Bucc’s, but this week they face tougher competition. Now I am the first to say it, the Texans aren’t the toughest teams as all their win are against negative or neutral teams, but I think they are a good team. A win is a win, I’ll be the first one to say that. And this is the toughest team they played in their 6 game win streak as both teams are 6-3 and this will be the game that the Texans prove themselves to me. The Texans are going to win and I see them winning by a touchdown or two this game.

Cincinnati Bengals V. Baltimore Ravens (-6.0)
Now before I picked who was going to cover this game, I was a little hesitant. With Lamar Jackson getting his first career start, I didn’t know how the Ravens would play, then I remembered how good Lamar Jackson was and how he is better then Joe Flacco. Now the Bengals do have a scrappy defense, but if you have Hue Jackson as a special assistant you should not when any games. So the Ravens should get Lamar his first career win and cover the spread.

Pittsburgh Steelers (-4.0) V. Jacksonville Jaguars
Can we get a moment of silence as the Jags season is over. It’s a very sad day as we won’t see Blake Bortles and the Jags back in the playoffs this season. They have been playing so bad lately and I thought last weeks game against the Colts would get them back on track, but they couldn’t even beat them. Somehow this defense went from best to average in one season. How the hell did that happen. And now they play the Steelers who have the second best offense in the NFL, and out of no where there defense have been playing crazy as of late. The Steeler should win and it might be a blowout today.

Carolina Panthers (-4.5) V. Detroit Lions
So yes, last week the Panthers played very bad against the Steelers, but now they play the Lions and this shoudl be a fun game if your a Panthers fan, I can see Cam and McCaffrey running the ball all over the Lions today. This game should be a blowout as the Panthers want to show they are still a really good team after what happened on TNF.

Dallas Cowboys V. Atlanta Falcons (-3.5)
So just another game where I have no interest in. Both teams are 4-5 and I wouldn’t be shocked if one team comes out of this game winning by two possessions. Both the Cowboys and Falcons are playing some really inconsistent football. Just because the Falcons lost to the Browns last week with Gregg Williams coaching last week, I think the Cowboys will win and cover.

Tennessee Titans V. Indianapolis Colts (-1.0) 
I love this game. The Titans are coming off their strongest victory of the season last week against the Patriots and are now the underdogs against the Colts. Love this game. Everyone on the Titans last week played really good football. The Titans had 385 total yards with 150 being rushing yars. The defense held the Tom Brady to 0 touchdowns and only 10 points. So the Titans should be riding high here as they are my lock of the week.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers V. New York Giants (-3.0)
To see my full breakdown on this game check out my blog here, but I think the Giants will win and cover this game.

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