NFL 2018 Week 11 4:00 Games Prediction

Oakland Raiders V. Arizona Cardinals (-4.5)
So this will be a very shitty game, but I have a strong feeling that the Raiders are going to win this game. In 6 of the 7 Cardinals losses this season, Arizona has allowed 20 or more points, and some of those games are against some bad offenses. Now I don’t know why I like Oakland, it may be because I am a Giants fan and I need them to lose a couple games so the Giants can keep the #1 pick, but Oakland should win this game.

Denver Broncos V. Los Angeles Chargers (7.0)
So another game that I wont pay a lot of attention to because there is no doubt that the Chargers will blow out the Broncos here. I mean the Chargers have been such a under the radar good team. Most people might not realize that they are 7-2 this season. And its not just the Chargers offense playing really good, the Chargers defense is ranked 10th in total yards this season and 8th in points and points per game. The Chargers will win and blowout the Broncos.

Philadelphia Eagles V. New Orleans Saints (-7.5)
So this is the final game of the season for the Eagles beacause if the Eagles lose I don’t see them coming back, and its going to a very hard game for them as they have to go against the hottest team in football right now. Last week the Eagles played a very boring game last week against the Cowboys. This “really good” Eagles defense made Dak Prescott look good and gave up 150 rushing yards to Ezekiel Elliot. And now they actually play a MUCH better offense in the Saints. The Saints haven’t scored less the 20 points this season and have scored 45 or more points in their last two games. The Saints should win and cover this spread. Now I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little worried about this spread, but I just have to hope that the Saints offense goes off again.

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