NFL 2018 Thanksgiving Day Picks

Week 10 Record: 10-3
Week 10 Spread Record: 4-5-4
2018 Record: 102-58-2
2018 Spread Record: 65-87-9
2018 Locks of the Week: 3-8

Man what a perfect day its going to be. We have three games of football going on today and I can’t wait, and for the most part they are all pretty good games. So, sit down, relax and get comfortable as here are my picks for this Thanksgiving.

Chicago Bears (-3.0) V. Detroit Lions
Here we are, the annual tradition of the Detroit Lions beat down. Some of the funniest things to happen, but if you enjoy this you are the problem.

Makes a lot of sense, but back to the game even with no Mitch Trubisky this can still be a very good game. The Bears defense is still one of the best in the league, the only problem I have is at QB. Chase Daniels is one of my most hated people because of what he did to me in Madden 15. Its a long story, but he fucked me in the Super Bowl and I haven’t forgiven him since. But even with Daniels starting today, the Bears will win and cover this game.

Washington Redskins V. Dallas Cowboys (-7.0)
Another game where we have the backup QB as Alex Smith had a terrible injury last week and we now have Colt McCoy starting at QB, and to be honest I kind of like McCoy playing QB. With Chase Daniels I am a little worried, but I don’t see McCoy being that bad of a QB. I mean at this point how much worse can he be then Dak Prescott is. Now this may be stupid, but I really like the Redskins winning and covering this game.  I mean its the same Redskins from last week with just a little worse QB. What could go wrong?

Atlanta Falcons V. New Orleans Saints (-12.5)
With the final game of the day we have the Falcons heading to New Orleans and I can’t wait to see this ass beating. There is no doubt in my mind that the Saints won’t blow the Falcons. I mean with the Saints offense and defense being as good as it has been in the last few weeks, and now they take on the #29 defense in the league. This game is going to be a joke. The Saints are going to win and cover with ease.

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