New York Giants V. Philadelphia Eagles

New York Giants V. Philadelphia Eagles

Here we are. This is the game to determine if the Giants are for real or they just wasted our time and made us get a worse draft pick. Who knows, but to see what they are they play the Eagles and man do the Eagles just suck right now.

The Eagles has the worst loss for a Super Bowl defending team last week against the Saints, it was very embarrassing. Carson Wentz had nothing last week as he had 156 yards and 3 interceptions. The most embarrassing part about that game was, the Giants had a better game against the Saints then the Eagles did. At least the Giants were able to score double digits.

But for the Giants, they are now on a 2 game winning streak as they beat the Buccaneers last week and it was a close game then I liked it to be. In the second half the Giants defense kept allowing the Bucs to score and I for real thought they were going to lose this game. But they didn’t and the thing I loved most about this game was the Giants offense may finally be on the same page with each other. Now yeas they did play the 49ers and Buccaneers, but get a win is a win and they were able to score big points against these two teams and the Giants never score high.

So, it’s definitely biased but I’m going to say the Giants are going to win. If the Giants win this game I will finally be fully in on the Giants making the playoffs since Smith is out for the season and the Cowboys only have a 3 game lead on the Giants right now.

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