NFL 2018 Week 11 4:00 Games Prediction

Arizona Cardinals V. Los Angeles Chargers (-14.0)

So not the most interesting games for the 4:00 games as we have a most likely blowout game to start the games off. The Cardinals are going to get cooked by the Chargers today, I kind of feel bad for what’s going to happen to the Cardinals. Also if you lose to the Raiders at this point of the season, you deserve to get blowout. Chargers winning and covering.

Miami Dolphins V. Indianapolis Colts (-9.0)

So I’m officially in on the Colts. They just prove every week that they are an actual good team, but the only thing that is holding them back is their defense. Andrew Luck not getting sacked in 4 straight games is ridiculous. As a giants fan I can’t even imagine that happening. The only thing that is worrying me is this -8 spread. I know that the Dolphins are a terrible team, but with Ryan Tannehill returning today who knows what’s going to happen. I am going to pick the Colts winning and covering but I am not confident in the pick.

Pittsburgh Steelers (-3.0) V. Denver Broncos

And with the final game we have the Steelers heading to Denver to play the Broncos and this has the potential to be a good game, it all depends on how Case Keemun plays. If Keemun can keep up and have a decent game, this should be an interesting game, here’s hoping since it is the Fox game. But in all honesty I do see this game getting out of hand and the Steelers winning and covering.

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