NFL 2018 Week 12 1:00 Games Prediction

Before I sagar this blog I would like to apologize if this blog isn’t very good. I woke up very late and I have 26 minutes to finish this blog before the 1:00 games come out. So here are my predictions

New England Patriots (-13.0) V. New York Jets

So this is going to be a very funny game to watch as the Jets will stand no chance this game. With Sam Darnold out another game this will be a huge blowout. The fucking Bills were able to blowout the Jets last Jets game and the Bills have the worst offense in the NFL. And it doesn’t help that Brady is coming off the bye week and Gronk is playing for the first time in a few weeks. The Patriots will win and cover very easily.

Oakland Raiders V. Baltimore Ravens (-13.0)

Another -13 spread as this time the Raider are heading to Baltimore to play the Ravens. Now I really like Lamar Jackson, and J think the might be the second best QB out of this draft class, but -13 is way to high. I know the Raiders suck, but it’s not like the Ravens have done much in the past couple of weeks. And for some reason I really like the Raiders covering here. It might be because they won last week or it’s because I like Derek Carr, but I think the Raider will cover with the Ravens winning.

New York Giants V. Philadelphia Eagles (-5.0)

I wrote my full breakdown in my Giants blog, click here, but I think the Giants will win and cover.

San Francisco 49ers V. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-2.0)

The Battle if the two teams the Giant beat I. The last two weeks and I am very shocked that the Niners aren’t the favorite here. I mean after watching the Bucs last week they have no good QB’s. At least Nick Mullens has played decent in his first two starts. But this will be a very high scoring game since both teams have some of the worst defenses in the NFL. But I pick the 49ers winning and cover as my lock of the week. I just see no way that the Buccaneers come out of this game with the win.

Cleveland Browns V. Cincinnati Bengals (PK)

So this game has the potential to be a good close game, and I don’t really know which way it will go. On one hand the Browns are coming off the bye week with a win the week before against the Bengals woh has now lost their last 4 of 5 games. Not the best. So I think the Browns should come out if this game with the win, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see it come down to the last drive.

Seattle Seahawks V. Carolina Panthers (-3.0)

Another game that has the potential to be a good game as both of these teams have a very good offense. With the Seahawks, I am very shocked to see how good they have played this season. With key players like Sherman and Bennet gone, Thomas out for the season, and the o-line being complete garbage, this Seahawks team might find its way as the #6 seed in the playoffs. But they have to face a very tough team in the Panthers, then again the Panthers haven’t played their best in their last two games. I do think the Panthers should win this game and cover, but I am worried that Seattle might steal this one.

Jacksonville Jaguars (-3.0) V. Buffalo Bills

Again sorry for the shitty breakdowns but I’m on a time crunch and this will be another shitty one. The Jags have had such a terrible downfall and I don’t know why. I wouldn’t blame it all on Blake because their defense is playing like garbage, the coaching hasn’t been the best and the Jags can’t run. Last week the Jags could’ve beat the Steelers if they didn’t just run the ball ever play. But now they face the Bills and I’m tempted to pick the Bills just because of their success against the Jets a few weeks ago. Hell the Bills are going to win and cover and this is going to be a very turnovery game.

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