Robinson Canó Finally Gets Traded to the Mets

It about damn time that this trade went through. It was about Thursday afternoon most people thought this trade was going to happen, but finally it has been accepted and I can calm down now. From Thursday afternoon until now I was very worried that the Mets were going to trade away Jeff McNeil and I would’ve been very unhappy. In all honesty, I am not happy about Jarred Kelenic getting traded away because he has the potential to be a star. Then again this can happen.

To be honest, I really don’t care about Cano. Cano will be a good hitter with the Mets, hopefully he’s not on steroids again, but who I really care about is Edwin Diaz. Diaz is a really good closet and can really help out our bullpen who was one of the worst in the MLB last year. Him, Lugo, and Gsellman can be a nice trio coming out of the bullpen. Diaz made his first All Star Team last year with the Mariners and finished the year with the most saves in baseball. Also won the Reliever of the Year Award this season.

And thank God we got rid of Jay Bruce. Never lived up to the hype when he was on the Mets. In his first 62 games this season he only had 3 home runs and 17 RBI’s

Next we need to get rid of Todd Frazier. I don’t have any problem with Frazier, but since we didn’t trade McNeil, there is no point in not playing him. That would be a waste of talent, especially when he’s already 26 years old.

In all, I am happy about this trade. McNeil is still a Met and this can really help the Mets. We still have room to sign a big contract *cough* Bryce Harper *cough*. But if the Mets end up trading Noah Sydergaard for prospects then disregard that statement.

PS: I know I didn’t write a Wilmer blog but I am so sad he’s gone. There was no room for him so it makes sense of not keeping him, I just hopes he finds a new team that will love him as much as we did.

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