NFL 2018 Week 13 Games Prediction

Kansas City Chiefs (-14.0) V. Oakland Raiders
P.U. this will be an ugly game. The Chiefs might win by thirty that’s how bad the Raiders have been this season. I really don’t have any interest in watching this game because we all know who and how they are going to win. So yeah. Chiefs win and cover

New York Jets V. Tennessee Titans (-10.0)
Now this game has a little juice as I do think it will be a close game. The Jets have been such an awful team, but with the Titans you never know what you are going to get from them. They might have a really good game like they did against the Patriots and win by 24, or play real shitty like they did in the last two weeks, losing +10 in each game. I do expect the Titans to win this game, but I think the Jets will cover.

San Francisco 49ers V. Seattle Seahawks (-10.0)
Thank God I live in the East Coast because I do not care about this game. Only one of these teams have a chance to make the playoffs and the other is most likely going to get the first overall pick. There is no doubt in my mind that the Seahawks will blow out the Niners this game, as the Seahawks will beat the Niners pretty easy.

Minnesota Vikings V. New England Patriots (-5.5) 
Now I said thank God I live on the East Coast because this is the Fox game for us and it has potential to be a good game. I think for most this game the game will be close, but I think the Patriots will be leading this whole game, and have not a lot of trouble. The thing that sucks is Stefon Diggs might not play today because of a knee injury, and he doesn’t play, this will be a much challenging game for the Vikings. All in all, the Patriots will win and cover no matter who is playing.

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