NFL 2018 Week 13 Games Prediction

Week 12 Record: 10-5
Week 12 Spread Record: 9-6
2018 Record: 112-63-2
2018 Spread Record: 74-94-9

Baltimore Ravens V. Atlanta Falcons (-2.5)
This might be a very low scoring game, but I am once again excited to see Lamar Jackson play at QB. He is a very fun QB to watch, the way he runs and he isn’t the best passer yet so it is fun to see him throw into quadruple coverage and somehow not get picked off. And he faces a pretty easy defense in the Falcons, who have one of the worst defense in the league. Last week they got cooked by the Saints in a funny 8:00 Thanksgiving game. I think the Ravens will be able to go into Atlanta and beat the Falcons. Their defense is so much better and I expect Lamar to have a good game.

Chicago Bears (-4.0) V. New York Giants
I wrote my full breakdown of the Giants game, which you can click right here to see, but I think the Bears will win and cover.

Arizona Cardinals V. Green Bay Packers (-13.5)
What a hilarious game this will be. Last week, the Cardinals looked to get off on a hot start as they were up 10-0 against the Chargers. What happened after that you say? Oh the Cardinals let up 45 unanswered points and didn’t score for the rest of the game. Now I am worried because the Packers haven’t been the most consistient team, but I think the Packers will win and cover this game. It might be close, but expect the Packers to blow out the Cardinals.

Los Angeles Rams (-10.0) V. Detroit Lions
For the first time this season, I will not pick the Rams to cover this huge spread. The Rams are the second best team in the NFL, but they can not cover, especially against these moderate teams. I think the Lions should keep it close and the Lions offense is a pretty good. Expect this to be a close scoring game with the Rams winning, but the Lions covering the spread.

Denver Broncos (-4.5) V. Cincinnati Bengals
What a joke the Bengals have become. When Hue Jackson took that ball last week after the Browns got the interception, the Bengals have now become the biggest joke in the league. And now the Broncos will head into Cincy and get a easy win. Especially now Andy Dalton is out for the season, the Broncos should have no trouble against Jeff Driskel today.

Cleveland Browns V. Houston Texans (-5.5)
Now hear me out, this might be the hardest completion the Texans have played during their winning streak. Now some might say at Denver was the hardest, but the Browns are the hottest they have ever been in years. A two game win streak, who would’ve seen that coming.  I think the Browns will keep this game close, but the Texans will win.

Buffalo Bill V. Miami Dolphins (-3.5)
Dare I say it. Bills going on a three game win streak. I say why not. The Dolphins are a pretty shit teamand haven’t shown anything this season. At least when the Bills play, you know what you are getting out of them. And I love when the Bills win, because it is always a low scoring close game, its hilarious. Now I am dropping my balls on the table here by saying the Bills are going to win, but I’m okay with that. Josh Allen had a pretty good game last week and shut up Jalen Ramsey so that was fun.

Indianapolis Colts (-4.5) V. Jacksonville Jaguars
Talking about the Jags, the Colts now head down to play the Jags and it is pretty crazy what the Colts are doing.I feel really stupid for every writing off Andrew Luck, because every week he is just going out there and having really good games, and now they have a really strong chance of making the playoffs. All they need to do is win these type of game. And this should be an easy game for the Colts. The Jags have been so shit and now they have Cody Kessler playing QB. Fuck Cody Kessler. Colts by a billion.

Carolina Panthers (-3.5) V. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
With the final game of the 1:00 games, the Panther head down to Tampa and I can care less about this game. Jameis will have a fine game while throwing 3 interceptions and the Panthers have played very bad their last couple games. They cannot finish games and lose in pretty bad ways. I expect the Panthers to win this game easily and cover, but it might be close.

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