New York Giants V. Washington Redskins

New York Giants V. Washington Redskins

The Giants head to D.C. this week to take on Mark Sanchez and the Redskins and this game is going to be very boring. First off its Mark Sanchez. I love watching bad QB’s play but when its someone just as bad as Sanchez is, it kind of takes the interest away from the game. I guess it will be fun to watch the Giants defense embarrass him. They had a very good week last week (until the end of the game) against a bad QB.

Another thing that sucks is Odell is out for today. It may just be me and I have not been paying attention to football news this week due to everything going on in baseball and the Mets, but I had no knowledge of Odell being hurt until yesterday afternoon when they announced he wont be playing in this game due to a leg injury. Saquon should have a very good game this week because the Giants will probably focus more on the ground game this week. Also Sterling Shepard will have a solid game since he will be our #1 receiver today.

But for this game, I’m hoping the Giants defense don’t allow a lot of points. We gave up to much points last week against Chase Daniel, but he has a pretty good offense. Sanchez best pass option is Jordan Reed and he hasn’t played very good this season. The Giants should win this game pretty easily, and if they don’t who cares. Give us a better draft pick.

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