NFL 2018 Week 14 1:00 Games Prediction

Week 13 Record: 10-6
Week 13 Spread Record: 7-9
2018 Record: 122-69-2
2018 Spread Record: 82-102-9

Carolina Panthers V. Cleveland Browns (PK)
This has the potential to be a good game because of how bad the Panthers have been the last few weeks and how good the Browns have played in the last few weeks. And it shows because it’s a pick’em. The Panthers really need to win this game if they want to stay in the playoff hunt, but I don’t think they can win this game. I think the Browns will be able to hold their own this week and beat the Panthers.

New Orleans Saints (-10.0) V. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
The Saints have a chance at redemption this week as they take on the Buccaneers, but this week they are luck as they don’t have to face Ryan Fitzmagic. I think the Saints will handle Jameis Winston with ease, the only question is have the Saint peaked to early. I am joking when I say that, but if you think about it it isn’t the bad of a question. Lat week the Saints only score 10 points against the Cowboys, and the week before Brees had a 171 yard game against one of the worst defenses. I think this game will help Brees and the offense get back on track as they will win and blowout the Buccs.

Indianapolis Colts V. Houston Texans (-4.0)
Another game that has potential to be a really good game, this time it all depends on if the Colts can actually score this week. Last week the Colts got shut out by the Jags, and the Jags haven’t bee good since they won their Super Bowl against the Pats week 2. And the Texans have been so good since week 3. Who would’ve thought that the Texans would win 9 straight games after losing 3 games in a row to start the season. The Texans should win this game and cover.

New York Giants (-3.0) V. Washington Redskins
I wrote mt full breakdown in my weekly Giants blog, click here to see that, but I think the Giants will win and cover.

Baltimore Ravens V. Kansas City Chiefs (-6.5)
Another game that looks to be a good one, this one depends on if the Ravens defense can stop Mahomes and the Chiefs offense. In my opinion I think the -6.5 spread is a little to high because the Ravens defense is one of the best in the league, but then again I don’t know if I can go against the Chiefs. Most of the Chiefs games have been blow outs as long as they don’t go against other good offenses, and the Ravens aren’t one of them. I think the Chiefs will win and cover this game.

Atlanta Falcons V. Green Bay Packers (-3.5)
Here we are Packers fans. Lets see if it was only Mike McCarthy and not Aaron Rodgers not giving a shit about these late games because he team just sucks, and I think its the second option.If you watch Packers games and they show Rodgers on the bench, he just looks so careless and wants this season to end. He has a pretty bad team and I think the Falcons will win this game. I think the Falcons are due a win and in all honestly I want to see the reaction after Rodgers loses this game without McCarthy. Maybe they start blaming Joe Philbin instead.

New York Jets V. Buffalo Bills (-4.5) 
Man what a downfall the Jets have had the last few weeks. One week they were -7.5 point favorites against the Bills and ended up getting blown out that game and now, 3 weeks later, they are the underdog against the Bills. I mean the Jets have been playing so bad. Last week they were up 22-13 against the Titans and then blew that game in the 4th, not scoring a single point. And now the Jets face a QB who they haven’t seen yet in Josh Allen and I think the Bills should win this game easily.

New England Patriots (-9.0) V. Miami Dolphins 
Of course with this game everyone is talking about how the Patriots play so bad against the Dolphins in Miami because of their bad loss last year against them. But fuck that, the Patriots are going to have no problem against the Dolphins this year. The Dolphins are a pretty shit team and the Pats will blow them out.

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