NFL 2018 Week 14 4:00 Games Predictions

Denver Broncos (-3.0) V. San Francisco 49ers 
This game is a no brainier. The Broncos are going to head to San Francisco and get a easy win. I predict that Case Keenum will have a pretty solid game today saying how bad the niners defense is. +250 yards +2 touchdowns and 1 interception. The Broncos will win and cover.

Cincinnati Bengals V. Los Angeles Chargers (-16.5)
My lord what a high spread. I know Andy Dalton is out and everything, but its not like the Chargers are a powerhouse. They don’t have their star running back in Melvin Gordon this week and its not like Bengals starting QB Jeff Driskel is that bad. He had a fine week against the Broncos. Now I do think the Chargers will win this game, but the Bengals should cover this spread.

Detroit Lions (-3.0) V. Arizona Cardinals
So this game is a joke and I could care less about this game. Both teams have less then 5 wins this season. Now before I get to my prediction, I love looking at Josh Rosen’s stat line. I mean hes averaging 167 yards per game. Crazy. Lions winning and covering.

Pittsburgh Steelers (-10.0) V. Oakland Raiders
Another game that I don’t really care about because this will be a blowout game. The Raiders defense has been terrible, Derek Carr forgot how to play, and all around the Raiders are a dumpster fire. The Steelers should have no problem winning and covering this game, of course the only problem is James Connor not playing.

Philadelphia Eagles V. Dallas Cowboys (-3.5)
And with the final game we have the Eagles heading to Dallas to take on their NFC East rivals, the Cowboys. I think this should be a pretty good game, and the Eagles need to win this game. If they lose this game their season is over and the Cowboys will most likely not make the playoffs. The Eagles did have a good last week against the Redksins, but then again that was against Colt McCoy and Mark Sanchez. And Dallas has looked pretty good, winning their last 4 games and held the Saints to only 10 points last Thursday. The Cowboys should get this win and cover.

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