Jeurys Familia Returns to the Mets

Sorry for the link, but I had to write this on my phone because my computer is broken right now.

I am so happy that Familia is back and it’s on a pretty good deal. The thing that sucks tho, the Winter Meeting have to be held in Vegas and this deal happened at 3 in the morning for me. There had to be 0 Mets fans awake to see this news. I woke up 45 minutes, looking at my phone all shocked not expecting this.

In all seriousness I am so happy that Familia is back. He has his up and down moments, but he always had a passion playing for the Mets. He never wanted to leave the team. And when we traded him I was so pissed because we got nothing in return, but now we have him back. The trade was a win-win.

Now can my heart and sanity take another 3 years with Familia. Probably not, but these heart attack moments are what I live for with the Mets. And it helps that he gets some of the pressure of him now that Edwin Diaz in now our new closer. Not to forget that Familia has been one of the best relief pitchers in the last few seasons. Leading the MLB in save in 2016 and having a 2.73 ERA in his career is pretty good.

Now hopefully this isn’t the end for the Mets this offseason. We still have around $20 million to spend, so let’s hope that goes to a good bat, catcher, or Andrew Miller.

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