NFL 2018 Week 15 1:00 Games Prediction

Week 14 Record: 9-7

Week 14 Spread Record: 8-8

Week 15 Record: 3-0

Week 15 Spread Record: 2-0-1

2018 Record: 13376-2

2018 Spread Record: 91-11010

Sorry for no blog yesterday, I had no clue there was not only one game yesterday, but two. But I did have the Texans -7 and Browns +1.5. So pretty good day and I am pretty happy we will have 2 games on Saturday next week too.

Tennessee Titans (-1.5) V. New York Giants

I wrote my full breakdown on my weekly Giants Blog, click here to read it, but I have the Giants winning and covering.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers V. Baltimore Ravens (-9.0)

This is the first of the many high spread games and I am not a fan of those games. This one is a little easier because the Buccaneers shouldn’t lose this game by more then 9. With Lamar Jackson at QB, the Ravens offense isn’t the most efficient, so I think the Buccaneers should be able to stay in this game. The Ravens will win though, but the Buccaneers are going to cover.

Green Bay Packers V. Chicago Bears (-5.0)

Now this is a hard game to predict because even though the Bears are one of the best teams in the NFL this season, Aaron Rodgers has just owned the Bears for what seems like an eternity now. But I think today is the the day. Today is the day the Bears show why they are atop the NFC North. The Bears defense has grown since the Week 1 loss. They’ve only gotten better. And Mitch Trubisky, he might not have shown much, but a game like this. This is a game that can turn a page in his career. The Bears will win and cover agains the Packers.

Detroit Lions V. Buffalo Bills (-3.0)

P.U. What a stinker of a game this will be. I originally picked the Bills to win this game, but I just remembered how they blew the lead against the Jets last week. The Lions should have no trouble going into Buffalo and getting this win.

Oakland Raiders V. Cincinnati Bengals (-3.0)

Another one. Just a crappy game that doesn’t really mean much except where the Raiders pick in the draft. Now I don’t know why I think this, but I think the Raiders have a good chance at winning this game. Last weeks win against the Steelers May have something to do with it and it might also be Hue Jackson being on the Bengals side that makes me think this. The hell with it, the Raiders are going into Cincy and getting the win.

Arizona Cardinals V. Atlanta Falcons (-9.0)

Three straight bad games and I really don’t know what to say with this one. The Falcons are a shitty team, but the Cardinals offense is SOOOOOO bad. It’s pretty sad when you are going against a 4-9 team and still the -9 underdog. The Falcons should have no trouble winning this game, and they will cover.

Miami Dolphins V. Minnesota Vikings (-7.5)

Finally, a game with two teams still in the playoff hunt and both these teams need to get a win if they want to keep their playoff chances alive and for the Dolphins, I’m sorry. You had a awesome game winner last week against the Patriot that you guys will remember forever, but the Vikings will not allow themselves to lose this game. And if we are being honest here, the Dolphins are a pretty shit team. They win most of their games based on luck. So who know maybe they get another lucky win today, but the Vikings going to win and cover.

Dallas Cowboys V. Indianapolis Colts (-3.0)

Now I am shocked on how so many people think the Colts are going to win this game, I’m kinda scared and think there is some huge injury that happened to Zeke or Dak. I mean the way the Cowboys have played in the last 5 weeks I would think they would be clear favorites. ESPN says they have a 39.6% chance winning. Like what. The Cowboys will win this game. Nothing against the Colts, it’s just the Cowboys are pretty good.

Washington Redskins V. Jacksonville Jaguars (-7.5)

Another game that doesn’t mean anything and it will be a blowout. Whatever is left of the Jags defense will destroy Josh Johnson and the Redskins offense. The only thing that matter around the Redskins is that Alex Smith is out of the hospital. Very good news for him and his family. Jags are going to win and cover.

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