2019 AFC Wildcard Round: Indianapolis Colts V. Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts V. Houston Texans (-1.5)

Before we start I’d like to apologize for being gone for soo long without any explanation. For the past few weeks I had no computer because my screen broke and it’s taken very long to get fix. I still don’t have my computer, and I have to do this on my phone and I hate writing blogs on my phone. But no one said the blog life was easy and I must comeback during the playoffs while injured. So with that out if the way, let’s get into the predictions.

By the way, I did keep record of the two weeks I missed and I did pretty good as I almost went positive on the season predicting every spread. In 256 games I went 119-126-11, which I think is pretty good.

But now onto the game, we have the Colts heading down to Texas to play their AFC South rivals the Texans and usually this game sucks. Almost every year the Texans get the shitty Saturday game to start the playoffs and it’s usually not a good game, but today I think it’s going to be different. The Texans shocked everyone after starting the season 0-3, as they won 9 straight games. The Texans defense has been pretty good, and no one can stop DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins hasn’t dropped a pass all season long showing why he is one of the best receivers in the NFL today.

But with the 9 game winning streak, the Texans eventually lost and it was to the Colts and at this point the Colts were a better team then they were in the beginning of the season. Andrew Luck reminded everyone just how good he actually was before he got hurt as he had a very impressive season. Also it doesn’t hurt that he has one if the best offensive lines in the NFL as he didn’t get sacked for something like 5 straight games. And not to mention the Colts have won their last 9/10 games.

I think the Colts should be able to go into Houston to beat the Texans as they already did it this season. This game will come down to the final possession and I see the Colts coming out victorious.

PS: My prediction for the Super Bowl is Bears V. Patriots with the Bears winning it all.

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