2019 AFC Wildcard Round: Los Angeles Chargers V. Baltimore Ravens

Los Angeles Chargers V. Baltimore Ravens (-3.0)

After a day where we had a blowout and a very close and exciting game, we start of todays matchups with a good one as the Chargers head out East to play the Ravens. The Ravens are seen as the favorites today as they beat the Chargers already earlier this season 22-10 win in LA, and now the Ravens have the home field advantage.

Ever since the Ravens made the change from Joe Flacco to Lamar Jackson at QB, the Ravens offense has looked pretty good in my opinion as Lamar might be a top rushing QB already in his first season (of course Josh Allen is the #1 rushing QB right now). But the thing that has helped Lamar and the offense when they have their bad games is the defense. The Ravens have the #1 ranked defense this season and good defenses always help in the playoffs, but my pick today is going to be the Chargers.

The Chargers shocked a lot this season going 12-4 this season and not getting home field because the Chiefs won the division. But I do think the Chargers will be able to go into Baltimore and get the win. Philip Rivers having a top 10 running back and a top 10 receiver is a pretty nice set of players to have believe it or not. Game after game, Melvin Gordon and Keenan Allen have great games and I expect no less today. If only they had Hunter Henry, who had a monster season this year, but fell to injury and cannot play. Also, don’t sleep on the Chargers defense.

Pick: Charger +3

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