2019 AFC Divisional Round: Indianapolis Colts V. Kansas City Chiefs

Indianapolis Colts V. Kansas City Chiefs (-4.5)

The second round of the playoffs has started as the Colts head to Arrowhead to take on the Chiefs and hopefully these AFC games are better then the previous two, because those other two sucked. PU. We saw the Colts last week have a dominate first half against the Texans, as the Colts defense was playing really good. And the Colts offense was unstoppable too in the first half as they scored 21 unanswered point, but that was their only points they could score, as the second half the offense looked pretty stinky, and the Colts cannot do that if they want to beat the Chiefs.

The Chiefs had the best offense in the NFL this season and that got them the #1 pick seed in the AFC. The only problem the Chiefs have is their defense. If you somehow don’t know, the Chiefs offenses is so hilariously bad, that if Patrick Mahomes wasn’t having an MVP season, who knows if the Chiefs would be the #1 seed. But this offense will dominate today, and I wouldn’t be shocked if Chiefs win by 2 possessions. This offenses is just to dominate against a team thatch average at best.

Winner: Chiefs
Pick: Chiefs -4.5

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