2019 NFC Divisional Round: Dallas Cowboys V. Los Angeles Rams

Dallas Cowboys V. Los Angeles Rams (-7.5)

Well we are now 0-3 in fun AFC playoff games, but now we have a pretty good game, Dallas heads to a poor weather LA to take on the Rams and this should be fun. If the field conditions are still really shitty, Zeke and Gurley will be running all over each others defenses. But the key for this game is that the Rams need their defenses to come up big today, because a bad game from their D, they can see themselves out oft he playoffs very early again. The Cowboys defense have been very shockingly good this season, you cannot rely on the Rams offense to score on every possession.

And the Rams offenses hasn’t been lighting the world on fire at the end of the season like they did in the beginning. Loses to both the Eagles and the Bears at the end of the year was not good for them, and they might not even have home field advantage tonight. With LA being a shitty sports town, and a lot of Cowboy fans coming to tonight’s game, I’m interested to see how the Rams play. But the Rams should win this game. Dak Prescott is such an inconsistent QB, you never know if he will have a good game or not.

Winner: Rams
Pick: Cowboys +7.5

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