2019 AFC Divisional Round: Los Angeles Chargers V. New England Patriots

Los Angeles Chargers V. New England Patriots (-3.5)

OK so far all of the AFC games have really sucked, but this is the game to change that. Both of these teams had dominate seasons, and since the wildcard screwed the Chargers we now have a very good match up in the AFC Division Round. The Chargers last week played really good last week, showing why they were the much better team. BUt the Chargers almost did what they do the best and almost blew that game against the Ravens. If Lamar Jackson didn’t have such a shitty three quarters and played like he did in the fourth, the Ravens could have easily won that game the way the Chargers finished that game.

And now the Chargers face a much harder competition. Now of course the Pats defense is nothing like the Ravens, but there is no better team or player in the playoffs then the Patriots and Tom Brady. In the last two seasons Tom Brady is averaging 378 yards per game in the playoffs and had a QBR of +97. and not to mention Philip Rivers is 1-7 in his career against the Pats (Tom Brady wasn’t playing in the one game as that was the Matt Cassel season) and 0-4 in Foxborough. Also I’m not betting against the Patriots until I see their dynasty finally fall and once the Chargers finally do something clutch.

Winner: Patriots
Pick: Patriots (-3.5)

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