2019 NFC Divisional Round: Philadelphia Eagles V. New Orleans Saints

Philadelphia Eagles V. New Orleans Saints (-8.5)

Well that was such a shitty game with the Chargers and Patriots, and now I’m just begging that this game is better. This game is competive because the season is almost done and I hate this noncompetive games, and this has a chance that it wont be. Last time these two teams played the Saints smoked the Eagles 7-48. But that was when that trash QB Carson Wentz was playing. Now we have Big Dick Nick Foles at QB and somehow he’s just a God in the playoffs. He somehow lead the Eagles to the win last week against the dominate defense in the Bears, but the problem with the Eagles is their defense is not good.

When the Bears decided not to play like a bunch of pussies last week, they were playing really good against the Eagles, and would’ve won if Cody Parkey didn’t miss that field goal at the end of the game. And today the Eagles have to go against the best offense in the NFL, and I don’t care what magic has, the Saints will beat Big Dick Nick (I’m not confident in that statement). The Saints have shown all season long why they are the best team in the NFL right now, but just because of Nick Foles, the Eagles will keep this game close.

Winner: Saints
Pick: Eagles +8.5

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