2019 AFC Championship: New England Patriots V. Kansas City Chiefs

New England Patriots V. Kansas City Chiefs (-3.0)

Now onto the second game of the day we have another rematch from earlier into the season, but this time the Pats have to head to Arrow Head to take on the Chiefs. This should be a very good game and fun game to watch as both teams have very good offenses. The Patriots have had their struggle this season on offense, but in their last few games, everyone on offense has been showing up.

Tom Brady threw a nice 343 yards, with 15 catches going to James White for 97 yards, but the real star of that offense was Sony Michel. Michel had 129 yards and had 3 touchdowns in the first half. And the defense played a pretty good game. The Patriots defense held the Chargers to only 7 points in the first half, but in the second half they kept them score 21 points, but the game was basically over as the Pats won 28-41.

The Chiefs had a much much easier game then the Patriots as they won the game after the first drive. They played a Colts team that just couldn’t handle the dominate Chiefs offense, and offense like these make me happy to see what going to come. Also with the extreme cold going on in Kansas City, it makes it a much more unpredictable game. Also factor in Andy Reid at head coach, buddy this game is going to be something.

Winner: Patriots
Pick: Patriots +3.0

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