2019 NFC Championship: Los Angeles Rams V. New Orleans Saints

Los Angeles Rams V. New Orleans Saints (-3.0)

3 more games left in the NFL season and we have 4 of the best teams still in the playoffs. Any of these 4 teams can make the playoffs and I would have no problem with it because any of these match ups in the Super Bowl would be fine. But we had this game right now as the Rams head to New Orleans to play the Saints, and the last time the Rams were in New Orleans it didn’t work out for them as they lost 35-45 in a pretty good game.

Last week the Rams played really good against the Cowboys and there wasn’t much doubt that they would lose this game. Offensivley they destroyed the Cowboys in the run game, having over 200 yards rushing, and a surprising C.J. Anderson had 123 rushing yards ans 2 rushing touchdowns. And the Rams defense did thier job last week, but today they need to put in a lot more effort all around.

Jared Goff cannot have another game only throwing 186 yards. The Rams need to use him more in this game if they want to try and match the Saints in points. Drew Brees and the Saints will most likely torch the Rams defense again, and if everyone on the Rams offense isn’t able to step up, then we will see a repeat from week 9.

Winner: Saints
Pick: Saints -3.0

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