2019 Royal Rumble Prediction


Shinsuke Nakamura V. Rusev for the United States Championship (Pre-show)
This is a real shame that these two have to compete on the pre-show because of awful booking but here they are. This should be a good match, but I really don’t care about the storyline. The whole storyline is that Lana fell 5 feet, lets not forget Lana is a wrestler now, and she got injured from it. Thats it. Nothing to it. Rusev should win this match and hopefully this feud is over and Rusev and Nakamura actually get put into good storylines leading up to Wrestlemania. 
Prediction: Rusev


Kalisto V. Akira Tozawa V. Hideo Itami V. Buddy Murphy for the Crusierweight Championship (Pre-Show)
Final match of the pre-show as we have a Cruiserweight Championship match, and if given the time this could be a good match. Now I wish Lio Rush was put in this match over Kalisto because with Rush and Bobby Lashely both holding titles could be cool, but we are stuck with Kalisto. Now one thing I’m interested about in this match is, is Brian Kendrick or Ariya Daivari going to interfere with this match to help their guys out. Is Lucha House Party going to be ring side to stop them, but really there is no doubt that Buddy Murphy doesn’t hold onto his title. Hes been very good with since he won it back in October, and none of his opponents really make sense on winning this title.
Prediction: Buddy Murphy 


Shane McMahon & The Miz V. The Bar for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship
Now onto the main show we have the newly formed best tag team in the world taking on the Bar and I hate this. This is all set up for the Miz V. Shane at Wrestlemania and they are wasting a good tag team match with the Bar for it. The Bar could be having good matches with the Usos or New Day, or taking on teams that get no chances like Gallows & Anderson or Sanity. Nope we get this instead, wonder why The Revival want to leave WWE. But Shane and Miz will win, lose their titles at a later date and fight at Wrestlemania.
Prediction: Shane McMahon & The Miz


Becky Lynch V. Asuka for the SmackDown Women’s Championship
Becky Lynch finally gets her rematch for her championship after she lost it at TLC in the first ever women’s TLC match against Askua and Charlotte. Becky Lynch, like most people, is my favorite wrestler right now and we would all love for her to win this match, but she wont and she shouldn’t. Asuka just won the title a month ago so it makes no sense to take the title away from her now. Also Becky V. Charlotte V. Ronda at Wrestlemanina is big now since Ronda might leave to start a family. Also if Becky loses she will be in the Royal Rumble.
Prediction: Askua


Sasha Banks V. Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women’s Championship
Now onto the other women’s match, we have Sasha Banks V. Ronda Rousey for the first time and I am very excited for this match. Now Ronda will obviously win this match just because shes Ronda, and shes not going to pin or submit until Wrestlemania, but I was very shocked that she lost on Monday. Now Natalya did tap, but still Ronda was undefeated until that point and for her to lose out of no where was shocking. 
Prediction: Ronda Rousey


A.J. Styles V. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship 
Now we are onto the WWE championship and I hope after this match, the feud ends here. These two can put on good matches, but if Bryan wins where do they go from here. Bryan would have beaten AJ three times now, so why would AJ get a rematch. Now I can see them continuing if Styles wins, but I’m pretty sure Styles is holding onto the title. They should put up a good match and who knows, maybe Styles enters hisd first Royal Rumble since he debuted back in 2016.
Prediction: Daniel Bryan


Finn Balor V. Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship
With the final regular match of the night we have Balor taking on Brock Lesnar and right now I cant decide on who’s going to win. One its Brock Lesnar and the WWE is not going to want him to drop the title before Wrestlemania and they said Finn Balor will not wear the Demon Paint (which he is undefeated in) for the match. But on the other hand we have Mr. McMahon calling this match a fairy tale and that he doesn’t believe in Balor. How could Balor recover from losing after Vince said on live tv that he doesn’t belive in Balor. That means Vince was right and we should never believe in Balor again. Now I actually think Balor will win, and I don’t know why I’m doing this to myself because every match Brock is in I get a glimpse of hope he will lose and everytime he wins I’m just disappointed.
Prediction: Finn Balor


Women’s Royal Rumble Match
Now onto the Women’s Royal Rumble match and I don’t think this will main event because if Becky Lynch is in this match and loses the WWE will not want to end a show with the crowd booing, especially with the person I think is going to win the Royal Rumble. If anyone else thinks Charlotte wont win this match, they’re crazy. There is no way that Charlotte will be able to get in the main event of Wrestlemaina without winning this. We can easily get a storyline like in 2004 where Shawn Micheals (Becky Lynch in this situation) inserts himself in the main event after Chris Benoit won the Royal Rumble and wanted to take on Triple H. But Charlotte will win this match, challenge Ronda maybe the next night, and we’ll see how they introduce Becky into it.
Prediction: Charlotte Flair


Men’s Royal Rumble Match
Now with the final match we have the Men’s Royal Rumble, and I kind of know kind of don’t know who’s winning this match. And that mans name is Titus O’Neil. After that promo he cut on Raw how could you not think its him. But if its not him then the most said pick is Seth Rollins because they think hes going to take on Brock at Mania, but if Balor wins are we going to see them face off. Yes probably. Looking at the other people who already declared for the Rumble, no one else makes sense besides Seth. Maybe McIntyre but I don’t think the WWE want two heels facing off at Mania. But an idea I heard that I liked was Balor loses early in the night, gets his face paint on and enters the rumble as the demon.
Prediction: Seth Rollins

My recap of the show should come out sometime tomorrow, I don’t know when because I start school tomorrow and don’t get a break until 12.

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