NXT TakeOver: Phoenix Reaction

So NXT TakeOver is over with and it was a pretty good show. It had its ups and downs, but all in all it showed why NXT is such a good show. But a constant for most of these matches was it started off slow, but then the matches would go off and get exciting. So lets get into my reaction of these matches.


The War Raiders defeat The Undisputed ERA and win the NXT Tag Team Championship
So NXT loves to do this with TakeOver’s and thats start off with awesome tag team matches. I mean this match was just unbelievable. With Hanson showing off how agile he is, Roderick Strong showing hos strong he is lifting Rowe like its nothing. And looking back at it almost a year ago, its crazy how good Strong and O’Reilly work well with each other. In the end though the War Raiders hit O’Reilly with “Fallout” and win their first NXT Tag Team Championship.
Match Rating: 7.3


Matt Riddle defeats Kassius Ohno
Matt Riddle first “real” takeover match and he did not disappoint. He showed everyone why he is a future star in NXT and even the WWE. Now for the match we saw Ohno dominate early with him pulling a crazy move where stomped the face of Riddle that actual busted up Riddles mouth, and later in the match we saw him BITE Matt Riddles big toe. Did not expect to see that in this match. I’m used to seeing Pete Dunne bite people fingers and thats weird on its own, but this, this was gross, but it showed that Ohno wanted to do anything to win this match. The match would end in a pretty interesting way as Kassius Ohno went for a bro fist that Riddle wouldn’t get fooled for kneed him the face, hit him with a sleeper suplex and would elbow Ohno in the neck shoulder region and Ohno would tap from that. Very cool ending as I’ve never seen someone tap from a non-submission move.
Match Rating: 6.6


Johnny Gargano defeats Ricochet and win the NXT North American Championship 
We are now at the peak of the show, and man what a match this was. The story these two told was awesome. Did Gargano want to use the light side of him or the dark side of him to win this match and in the end he chose the dark side. Near the mid-part Gargano got desperate an ripped up the mat on the outside of the ring and was going to DDT Ricochet, but thought better of it, and it almost cost him.

Later in the match, Ricochet would get desperate and would go for the Gargano Escape, but it wouldn’t work. This would force the dark side of Gargano to come out as he would suplex Ricochet on the exposed concrete and hit him with a slingshot DDT for the win  He didn’t care what people were going to think. This match was awesome and it will probably end up being match of the year.
Match Rating: 8.8


Shayna Baszler defeats Bianca Belair and retains the NXT Women’s Championship 
So this match was good, but it had its moments where it was a little clunky and the match got a little to much. Now for some reason, the writers thought it was a good idea to “injure” Belair’s arm early in the match and this made no sense because one of Belair’s best attribute is her strength and she didn’t get to show it that much this match.

But one thing that I liked about this match, and every match Baszler has is that arm spot she does. Sometimes I think to myself how does so not break anyone’s arm doing this and today it looked the dirtiest. Later in the match Baszler would push Belair into the referee which knocked her down for a couple of minutes (which was a little bothced by Belair), but then Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir would come in and interfere, but Belair put easy work into them.

She would go up to hit the 450 Splash, but got distracted, went for the move and got caught in the Kirifuda Driver. She would make multiple attempts to get out, but Baszler’s grip was on to tight and Belair would pass out and lose the match. Now this was my least favorite match of the night as they could have done more with it. If they wanted to go with the injury story line, make Binca Belair hit the powerful moves that she has, and almost win with the Argentine Facebuster. 
Match Rating: 5.3


Tommaso Ciampa defeats Aleister Black and retains the NXT Championship
Another matched that disappointed, but it still was a good match. For some reason the WWE wanted to do two matches where the baby face would substain an injury early in the match, and for Black it was his leg after he hit a tope con hilo and tweaked it. Ciampa would find this out and use it as an advantage for him targeting him and it would end up saving him later in the match. But when they were on the outside of the ring Ciampa was drinking a bottle of water and taunting Black. Black would hit the Ciampa and the bottle of water spilling over the place and tried to regain control. Ciampa would get back the control, continuing to focus on Black’s leg putting him in a single leg Boston crab.

Ciampa wnated this match to be over with, so what did he do. He followed what his former tag team partner did earlier in the match and ripped up the mat on the outside, but this time it didn’t work for him as Black would hit Ciampa with a metora from the apron onto the concrete. Black would hit Ciampa with the Black Mass in the ring, but Ciampa with a very smart move and rolled onto his belly thinking Black wouldn’t have the energy to roll him over and it worked, it saved Ciampa time to hit the Fairy Tale Ending, but Black kicked out.

Ciampa went for it again, thought it wasn’t enough and went to attempt it again, but Black fought out of it kicked Ciampa in the face, went for Black Mass, but his injured leg stopped it and Ciampa hit Black with the Fairy Tale Ending for the 123 for the win and retained. Now the match wasn’t a usual TakeOver main event, but it was still fine. Wish they didn’t have the injury angle for two straight matches, but what can you do. The biggest thing though we were left on the image of DIY holding their single titles up in the air with a potential reunion between Gargano and Ciampa. I cannot wait to see what they do with them.
Match Rating: 6.2

Show Rating: 6.84

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