2019 Royal Rumble Reaction

So the Royal Rumble has now passed us and we are now onto the Road to Wrestlemania, but man that was an interesting Royal Rumble. We had bad camera production, weird elimination saves, and good title matches. Let’s get in the matches and see what I thought.

Bobby Roode and Chad Gable defeat Rezar and Scott Dawson (Pre-Show)
So for some reason, the WWE thought to themselves “The Revival is pissed at how the Raw tag team division is being treated so what are we going to do, split them up tonight, give them another chance to get a title match and make them lose.” This match made no sense and it had no point of being on the match card. I’ll give them credit, Rezar and Dawson worked well together, but Gable and Roode hit the Roodesault for the win.
Match Rating: 4.4

Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Rusev to win the U.S. Championships
An unexpected ending, but WWE has forced me not to care about this match. The way they booked these two was so bad I ate dinner and missed the beginning of the match and didn’t care too much. I will give these two credit because they did have a good match, and the ending lead to something great later so you got to like that.

Nakamura was trying to take the turnbuckle pad off and Lana was screaming at him to stop, and this was the first case tonight where the refs looked really stupid. Lana is yelling that he’s cheating but the ref wouldn’t look. Lana and Nakamura would get in a face-off leading Rusev pushing her off the apron and injuring her leg. Rusev stopped paying attention to the match and Nakamura hit Rusev in the back of the head for the win. I guess I’m happy for Nakamura and hopefully, they do something more with him, but only time will tell.
Match Rating: 6.1

Buddy Murphy defeats Hideo Itami, Kalisto, and Akira Tozawa to retain the Cruiserweight Championship
So this match was really good and was one of the best men’s matches of the night. When WWE gives cruiserweights time, they know how to make the most of it and impress the crowd. The spot of the night was Murphy had Kalisto in a powerbomb position outside of the ring, and Tozawa dove through the ropes and Itami hit Kalisto and Kalisto hurricanranaed Murphy into the barricade. Awesome.

Later in the match, the 4 would exchange superkicks and knees and Kalisto took the worse and Murphy kneed him after a springboard and man did Kalisto sell this well. Murphy would hit Itami with the Murphy’s Law for the win.
Match Rating: 6.7

Asuka defeats Becky Lynch to retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship
So for me, this was my match if the night and man did this women title matches not disappoint. Now some were a little worried that Becky tapped clean, but I had no problem. Asuka had Becky in a mean variation of the Askua lock and when she tapped like that, I knew what was going to happen later. But during the match, these two performed their asses off doing anything they can to win this match. Trading submission, putting their bodies on the line, it was great. And the fact that the WWE is finally using Asuka correct makes me so happy and the story they were telling with Becky was great
Match Rating: 7.8

Shane McMahon and The Miz defeat The Bar for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship
So I had my doubts going into this match, but it was a good match. The Bar always knows how to put on good matches and they showed it again tonight. The Bar would be in control for most of the match. They tried putting Shane through a table, Shane gets out of it and hits Sheamus with a nice clothesline from the top rope. Later Shane would set up for a double coast to coast, but Cesaro stopped him and got him in the Cesaro Swing and this was one of the longest swings I’ve ever seen him do. Cesaro would then get caught in a triangle but Sheamus gets him out. And for the finish, an amazing thing happened, and that was Shane McMahon hit one of the cleanest shooting star press at the age of 49.

Ridiculous that he could do that. Miz and Shane would celebrate the win with the Miz father which was a cool feel good moment for the Miz. I’m going to give it to Elimination Chamber for them to lose the titles (maybe to Sanity) and start their story for Wrestlemania.
Match Rating: 5.5

Ronda Rousey defeats Sasha Banks to retain the Raw Women’s Championship
So this was my second favorite match of the night because once again, Ronda I showing why she could be considered one of the best female wrestlers in the world right now. Banks would focus on the arm of Rousey for most of the night trying to weaken the strength of Rousey, but we finally have a name for Rousey’s Samone Drop as it’s a tribute to Roddy Piper and is called the Pipers Pit. Really cool.

Ronda went for another Piper’s Pit, but Ronda got out of it and put her in an armbar and Sasha shows how good of heel she is. Puts her sleeves from her outfit around the face of Ronda, bitting her finger when the ref wasn’t looking. Ronda got out and on the outside, Ronda caught Sasha and hit her with the armbar on the outside and Sasha tapped but it doesn’t count. Ronda would eventually hit Sasha with the Pipers Pit for the win and I was very happy how it ended. Sasha didn’t tap so it made her look strong, and Ronda continues her dominance. After the match, Ronda showed respect to Sasha and Sasha left but came back to hold up 4 fingers. Wonder what that could mean.

Match Rating: 7.7

becky lynch
Becky Lynch wins the Women’s Royal Rumble
I am so happy that Becky won this, it almost fixes how bad the Rumble really was. I mean jeez it was horrible. I really don’t know who to recap this since their was a lot of cool spots, but I’ll list every competitor and talk about the cool spot.

  1. Lacey Evans
  2. Natalya
  3. Mandy Rose
  4. Liv Morgan
  5. Mickie James
  6. Ember Moon
  7. Billie Kay
  8. Nikki Cross
  9. Peyton Royce
  10. Tamina
  11. Xia Li
  12. Shara Logan
  13. Charlotte Flair
  14. Kairi Sane
  15. Maria Kanellis
  16. Naomi
  17. Candice LeRae
  18. Alicia Fox
  19. Kacy Catanzaro
  20. Zelina Vega
  21. Ruby Riott
  22. Dana Brooke
  23. Io Shirai
  24. Rhea Ripley
  25. Sonya Deville
  26. Alexa Bliss
  27. Bayley
  28. Lana (Becky Lynch replaced)
  29. Nia Jax
  30. Carmella

With all that the first 2/3 of the Rumble sucked. A lot of these women are still inexperienced and aren’t the best wrestlers so when you start with that it’s not the best. Also the camera production was god awful this Rumble they weren’t showing the women running down the aisle to the ring, showing pointless people almost getting eliminated. But their were some records broken the match. Natalya is now the Iron Women having the longest time in the match with 56:01. Also Liv Morgan broke the record for quickest elimination at 8 seconds, and Charlotte tied Michelle McCool’s record with most eliminations with 5.

But some things that irked me was they thought it was alright if you hit you back, but your feet don’t hit the floor you’re still safe, and that’s bullshit. Now I would forgive them if it was just Kacy Catanzaro, but Kofi would do it twice. Naomi also has a spot where she saved herself, but she did the same thing last year, but an already eliminated Mandy Rose stopped her from getting in the ring and eliminated her.

Lana was #28, but was to injured from her injury from earlier, but when Nia came out she would hurt Lana’s leg even more. Becky Lynch would then come out, begging Finley to let her take her spot. After chants of Becky we’re going wild he let her in the match and if you asked me Finely is being a Irish Nationalist and showing his hate for the Russians with this move.

The finals 7 women tho was very impressive as it featured 6 former world champions and Ember Moon (former NXT Women’s Champion). Alexa Bliss would take out Moon, but Bayley and Carmella (real life best friends) eliminated Bliss. Charlotte eliminated Mela and that pissed Bayley off making her attack Charlotte but would get eliminated from both Charlotte and Jax.

With the final 3 being Becky Nia and Charlotte, Charlotte would get Nia over the top rope and Becky eliminated her from the outside of the ring. Becky was then hyping up the crowd and Nia would throw Becky and injured the leg of Becky. Becky would plead with the refs to let the match continue and it did. Charlotte would go straight for the leg, but Becky showed resilience and get Charlotte over the top rope and won the match. I was so happy, but fucking Rusev spoiled the ending because the show is on delay and on Twitter he said Lana is going to Wrestlemania now, but that won’t stop my happiness as Becky is now going to Wrestlemania. Now I think we might get a one on one match instead of triple threat because it makes more sense to make Charlotte take on Asuka, and to be honest I don’t think anyone else on the SmackDown roster can take her on if Becky goes for Ronda. Also the pop we’ll get if Becky shows on Raw tonight.
Match Rating: 4.9

Daniel Bryan defeats A.J. Styles to retain the WWE Championships
At this point I feel bad for Styles as he’s always out late on the card and the crowd is usually dead by the time he’s on, especially after cheering for Becky like they did. And it sucks to because the match was good, but when the crowd is dead it kill the whole match even when watching to at home. Also a near 25 minute match is not good as they suffered the same faith and Ciampa and Black did. Not all good matches have to be long.

Now the main takeaway is Styles is bringing back the Wyatt Family without Bray Wyatt. Out of now where Erick Rowan (who got his first name back which is good) came back and just stood on the outside of the ring and he dressed like a normal person. Flanks shirt, jeans, not used to seeing him dressed like that. Bryan would hit the ref and it lead to a Styles Clash but the ref was down and Rowan came into the ring, face slammed Styles and Bryan retained. Rowan would then pick Styles up to set up Bryan hitting him with a running knee and I’m happy to see Rowan back. Very underrated and if Luke Harper returns and joins the Eco-friendly group that would be cool.
Match Rating: 5.2

Brock Lesnar defeats Finn Balor and retains the Universal Championship
So this was a good match and the unexpected happened. No Finn didn’t win, he’s too small to beat Brock, but he did have control for most the match. And how did he do that you asked, well Finn was on the shoulder of Brock about to go through the announcers table, but Finn escaped pushed Brock into the corner of the table and hurt the diverticulitis.

He did it one more time and Finn would target his guts for the rest of the match. Brock would continue to hit his usual suplexs but really was showing the pain well. Brock would put Finn for the F5, but Finn countered with a nice DDT and continued to hit drop kicks on him. Eventually Finn went up for the Coupe de Grace and hit it, but Brock no sells it kicking out immediately at 2 and put Finn in the Kimura. Finn tried to escape l, but couldn’t take the pain and tapped. Good match, but it sucked Finn had to tap clean, but Brock wasn’t done as he would hit a couple of Germans after the match. At least we got this gif.

Match Rating: 6.4

Seth Rollins wins the Men’s Royal Rumble
Not very shocking that Seth won as he was the odds out favorite to win this match, especially after Brock won his match earlier. The camera production was better this match, but the thing that sucked was their was no surprises besides Jeff Jarrett and Dolph Ziggler. Let’s get into the participants.

  1. Elias
  2. Jeff Jarrett
  3. Shinsuke Nakamura
  4. Kurt Angle
  5. Big E
  6. Johnny Gargano
  7. Jinder Mahal
  8. Samoa Joe
  9. Curt Hawkins
  10. Seth Rollins
  11. Titus O’Neil
  12. Kofi Kingston
  13. Mustafa Ali
  14. Dean Ambrose
  15. No Way Jose
  16. Drew McIntyre
  17. Xavier Woods
  18. Pete Dunne
  19. Andrade
  20. Apollo Crews
  21. Aleister Black
  22. Shelton Benjamin
  23. Baron Corbin
  24. Jeff Hardy
  25. Rey Mysterio
  26. Bobby Lashley
  27. Brian Strowman
  28. Dolph Ziggler
  29. Randy Orton
  30. R-Truth (Taken out and replaced my Nia Jax??????)

So for most this match the Men’s Royal Rumble was pretty good. They started off with Elias at #1 doing a perfromance and then Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and I was happy to see this. I never saw Jeff Jerrett wrestle and Elias is this generations Jeff Jarrett so that was cool and to see him hit Jarrett with the guitar was nice.

Very happy to see some NXT wrestlers in this match like Gargano, Black, and Dunne, all some of the best future star for the main roster, so for people to see them in action is good. And of course we had Titus O’Neil make a joke about the Greatest Royal Rumble entrance as he stopped just before the ring. He did see that Hawkins was hiding under the ring and chases him under there, and Curt Hawkins actually got an elimination, but was soon thrown over by Samoa Joe. Now Kofi had some bullshit spots too. The fist one I’ll give him credit because his feet were still on the apron and was able to roll over to the stairs, but then later in the match his back hit the floor again, said he was safe and Xavier Woods carried him just to get eliminated right away by McIntyre.

Later in the match Mustafa Ali would eliminates Samoa Joe and Joe was not happy, and cool to see this feud continue between the two. Now for some dumb ass reason, they thought we love McIntyre V. Ziggler feud and you guys do to so lets bring Ziggler back just so he can eliminate him and continue somehting no one wants to see. If you had money McIntyre making it to the final 4 you had to be pissed. And then comes #30 R-Truth, but gets attacked by Nia Jax. Littleraly no one wanted this and she fucking eliminates Mustafa Ali, bullshit.

Nia and Randy Orton would face off and he would try to go for the RKO, but was blocked and hit into the middle ropes. Nia pretends to work with Rey, bulldozes him as he tries to hit Randy Orton with a 619. Then out of no where Ziggler hits a women, with a superkick that is. Very funny that all these guys would just start attacking Nia with their finishes, especially in the WWE. She got superkicked, 619’ed and RKO’ed, and all lead to her getting eliminated. Randy would RKO Mysterio to get him out of the match, but was taken out by Andrade.

Then Micheal Cole would pretend that just Ziggler and Andrade was there but Braun and Rollins would come back in. The three would try to team up against Braun, but one by one, Andrade and Ziggler got eliminated leaving it to only Braun and Rollins. They pulled a 2004 rumble spot where Rollins was able to get Braun over the ropes after already being on the apron, and would post Braun, kick him in the gut and curbed stopped him for the win. Rollins was the right pick, and he better beat Brock at Mania because I can’t stand another 3 months with Brock as champion, but I wouldn’t mind a Rollins Bryan match.
Match Rating: 5.3

Show Rating: 7.5

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