1/28/19 Raw Recap

So before we talk about the show let’s talk first that the WWE had new producers running the show tonight and that being Jeff Jarrett, Shane Helms, Abyss, and Sonjay Dutt. It was also reported they didn’t make the script until 30 minutes before the show and with little time to make the show they produced a good show. They did run out of time for the show and had to cut matches, but was still a good show.

Seth Rollins Promo
Seth Rollins opens up the show and gets very emotional about winning the Rumble. He says he didn’t want to do it, but it was a lifelong dream to point and the sign and did. Triple H’s music hits and gets emotional for Seth and congratulates Rollins for his win, but says Rollins must give his decision on who he wants to fight today and Becky will tomorrow.

Then Dean Ambrose music hits and he comes out and makes fun of the father-son relationship the two have. He criticizes HHH saying he never believed in them when they were driving in Florida together. Ambrose asked for a match against Rollins and HHH goes through the ropes and Ambrose follows him asking him if he has to ask his father in law. HHH gets mad and gets a ref and we have a match. This was a very good promo from everyone especially Ambrose who hasn’t had a good promo in forever because of bad creative decisions.

And now we find out he’s leaving WWE after his contract ends in April and it makes sense. He’s heel persona has been horrible, but I hope the WWE does everything they can to keep him. But it will be hilarious if he signs with AEW and they never mention the SHIELD again.
Grade: A



Seth Rollins defeats Dean Ambrose
This was a good match, but really served no point in being in the show. Rollins was selling his rib injury from last night after he went through the table, but nothing much happened in this match. Rollins would hit the Curb Stop and Ambrose sold it weird flipping all over the ring. After the match Ambrose was going to cut a promo but Nia Jax’s music hit and the two got in a stare down, but Jax pushed him out of the ring.
Match Grade: A-


Nia Jax and Tamina defeat Alexa Bless and Mickie James and qualifies for the Elimination Chamber Tag Team Match
Again another fine match, but whenever Tamina is in the ring it’s just hard to watch. Whenever Nia was in the ring she would just dominate and putting her ass in Bliss’s face when she was in the corner. The finish was nice as Jax had James on her shoulders, but saw Bliss on the top rope trying to stop her. Jax would put her on top of Mickie, hit a double Samoan Drop for the win. It’s weird that the announcers acted shocked when Nia was able to lift both Bliss and James, but we all know Jax is strong as hell and James and Bliss are a combined 226 pounds.

Match Grade: B-

Baron Corbin defeats Kurt Angle
Another just average match, but Corbin would start the match cutting a promo calling Angle old. Angle hit Corbin with an Angle slam, he kicked out, and then put Corbin in a Angle Lock, which he got out of. Corbin was able to get out of both of Angle’s finishers which was weird. It’s weird because Corbin hits his signature move, the Deep Six, and wins it. After the match, Corbin hit the End of Days and this is probably setting up for a future Wrestlemania match which I’ll talk about later. Fine match but the commentary team complaining about Corbins GM role was very annoying and it made this match worse.
Match Grade: B

Finn Balor Promo
So Balor came out saying he isn’t making any excuses for his lose the night before against Lesnar. He said he made Lesnar believe last night, but was interrupted by Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush. Rush said that Balor should have never had a chance to have a match and that Bobby is faster, stronger, bigger, and better then Brock. Balor made fun of how long Lashley lasted in the Rumble, and that pissed off Lashley leading him to attack. This is probably setting a future match at Mania and Balor winning his first title since SumerSlam 2016.
Grade: B-

The Revival defeats Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins
A quick tag team match and all it did was to give the Revival a quick win and establish Ryder and Hawkins as a team. I liked how WWE made a video showing how the two teamed in the past and won title back in 2008. Hawkins was the hot tag for this match and had some nice punches, but found himself getting hit with the Shatter Machine and The Revival winning
Match Grade: C-

Elia is a heel now???
So after weeks of WWE poorly booking a face Elias he is now heel, telling the WWE universe he wouldn’t perform for him as he’s only performing for himself now. The thing the WWE doesn’t understand tho, we don’t want to boo him. When he said why aren’t you guy standing for me, they would stand up and the crowd would chant we’re not worthy. Jeff Jarrett would come out followed by Road Dogg and holy shit chants would come out, and Road Dogg tried to stop them but made it even worse. Both Road Dogg and Jeff Jarrett both got hit with a guitar showing that he’s now a heel. Please do something right with Elias.
Grade: D

Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan defeat Natalya and Dana Brooke and qualify for the Elimination tag team match
The second one of these qualifying matches, we have 2/3 of the Riott Squad taking on a team that doesn’t make sense in Natalya and Dana Brooke who replaced Ember Moon because of her injury. There was no doubt in my mind that Riott squad wasn’t winning this matchas they are only putting established teams in the match. One interesting thing is Bayley and Sasha Banks might be the only faces in this match because on Smackdown the only two established teams is Absolution and The IIconics. Unless they put Io Shirai and Kari Sane in only one team will be cheered for. Liv Morgan was able to get an easy roll up for this match and again this match was cut for time.
Match Grade: D+

Ronda Rousey defeats Bayley and retains the Raw Women’s Championship
So Ronda ROusey said she would have an open challenge for her belt, but before her match she went on to talk about her dreams and man did no one cared booing her and Rousey would botch her promo. Out would come Bayley and the two put on a good match. Bayley would go and chop block the leg of Rousey to injure her and it was a little botchy. After that Bayley looked good attacking the leg and got a nice knee bar in on Rousey, but was able to escape. Bayley would hit a nice elbow drop into the Banks Statement and I thought that was a cool moment. For the finish, Bayley was on the tope rope, but Rousey climbed up there grabbed the arm and made her tap with the armbar. Good match all around and then the best moment of the night.
Match Grade: A-

The Man wants the Baddest Women on the Planet 
When Bayley and Rousey were shaking hands, Becky songs goes on and the crowd goes crazy. Becky walks down the ramp with one of the biggest grins ever and tells us all she wants Rousey at Mania. The crowd goes crazy again and Becky tells Rousey she is going to break the mystique of Ronda Rousey. Ronda gets a mic and actually cut a good promo, but the whole time the promo boos like there is no tomorrow. Ronda then says everyone knows “I  have the ability to kill you with my bare hand without breaking a sweat” and god damn that was a good line. Ronda throws the mic on the ground and leaves well that same shit eating grin is still on Becky. This better main event Mania because if it doesn’t I don’t care if its Rollins V. Lesnar, people will leave early again just like they did last year.

Also just saw this. Lets go. and we never really saw Becky and Bayley ever interact before on the main roster so that cool

Grade: A+

Braun Strowman defeats Drew McIntye via DQ 
So Drew and Braun have a match because Drew was “the reason” Braun got hurt back in November and now that Braun is cleared to wrestle again he wants his revenge, and I was very scared of what the result was going to be. Drew cannot take another loss because he hasn’t won a match since he beat Dolph Ziggler in a steel cage, an I think that was on Christmas. The match ended on the outside as Strowman was trying to get his revenge by picking up the stair and hit Drew eith it, but out of no where Baron comes out and saves him. Corbin would hit him with a chair a couple times but Braun would punch one of them and takes him out. Strowman would run both of them over. Strowman would hit Corbin’s head against the stairs, but then out of nowhere McIntyre hits Braun with a Claymore. Braun would get doubled chockedslamed on the stair and maybe making a team out of Corbin and McIntyre.

Now I really don’t mind this new tag team, but it makes no sense that Drew is in it. He just broke up with Ziggler last month and now he is in this one with Barron. And the thing I was mentioning earlier. Kurt Angle and Braun better not team up to take on Barron and Drew at Mania because that is a match I do not want to see.
Match Grade: C+

Brock destroys Rollins
So this was stupid in my opinion. I thought Bryan and Rowan was going to be out, but apparently WWE ran out of time and they went with this. Rollins and Brock would get in a quick faceoff, but Rollins would go for the guts of Broxk, which he injured the night before. Rollins went for a curb stop but was caught by Brock and was F5. Then again, and again, and again, and then again on the belt, and for some reason Rollins was still conscious and asked Brock “is that all you got.” Got F5 again and the match was over. WWE would announce the two facing off at Mania after the show.
Grade: C

Now for Raw’s and SmackDown I’m going to decide which show was better for the week and that will be put at the end of the the SmackDown blog, but I will give a grade for each show at the end.

Grade: B
This was an average show that didn’t have a lot to it but I did raise it from a B- to a B because of Becky Lynch.

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