1/29/19 SmackDown Recap

Becky Lynch Promo
Becky Lynch starts off the show tonight tell us why she picked Ronda Rousey for Wrestlemania. She said that when she saw Ronda she saw something in her that she doesn’t have and it doubt and is going to break her arm then I interrupted by Charlotte. Charlotte gets a mixed reaction and congrats Becky for coming off the pre-show from last years Wrestlemania sarcastically. Becky punches her in the face and walks out. Charlotte charged her down and a brawl would come out if it. I really hope this isn’t putting Charlotte in the match because she doesn’t need to. Ronda can easily be heel in this match and doesn’t need to do that to Charlotte. Also Asuka can get redemption from last year.
Grade: A

R-Truth defeats Shinsuke Nakamura and wins the U.S. Championship
R-Truth comes out with Carmella and said the McMcMahon gave him a shot for being screwed in the Rumble. This match was very quick and apparently it wasn’t a botched ending. People are saying that it was a planned ending that Truth was going to win the title, but it really didn’t look like it the way Nakamura kicked out, the way everyone reacted. It was weird. Truth deserves the title, hasn’t won a title in like 8 years and is 47 so it’s cool to see.
Match Rating: C+

R-Truth beats Rusev to retain the U.S. Championship
So Rusev is heel now and did it by saying Nakamura didn’t deserve to be champion and especially R-Truth. Carmella and Lana get in a yelling argument and Rusev pushed Truth. Truth says he’s putting the title on the line. This was a very quick match where truth won on another roll up. Truth leaves the ring and is attacked by Nakamura. He throws Truth in the ring and this is officially where Rusev turns heel as the two team up to beat Truth. WWE really fucked up these last two days, by turning two of our favorite people in Elias and Rusev heel because of bad booking.

Backstage Rusev is confronted by the Good Brothers Anderson and Gallows and Rusev tells them to go back to catering. Anderson ask for a match between Nakamura and Rusev and Nakamura accepts. Rusev this is a one time thing, but obviously they are forming a tag team between the two and it sucks Gallows and Anderson have to lose to them, but at least they are doing something with them.

Match Rating: C-

Andrade attacks Rey from behind
Rey Mysterio was scheduled to have a match with Samoa Joe, but Zelina Vega came out and said the reason she was barred from ringside last week was because Rey is distracted by her. Then out of nowhere Andrade comes and attacks him. Andrade tries to do the Three Amigos, but Rey stops him tries to hit a 619, but is stopped and put in the Hammerlock DDT. Really wish we got the match between Joe and Rey, but whatever love that this feud is continuing and it might continue into Mania if they put the U.S. title on one of them.
Grade: C+

Tag Team Celebration
Shane and Miz held a celebration for their win at Royal Rumble, and Shane had a video of Miz and his road to where they are now. Then Shane got Miz’s dad out, who recived a good pop, and Miz’s dad said he loves him and is proud of him. Shane then announces their will be a four corner elimination tag match to determine the #1 contender between New Day, The Usos, The Bar, and Heavy Machinery.
Grade: B+

Mandy Rose explains her attacks
So they start off and say Absolution is declaring for the Elimination Chamber because they can do that for some reason. She then show footage of Naomi telling Tamina to attack Mandy during Tough Enough in 2015 and started crying saying it ruined her life because her boyfriend broke up with her after she wouldn’t leave the house. This was very cringey segment.
Grade: F

The Usos defeat The Bar, Heavy Machinery, and the New Day and are crowned the #1 contender
This was a fine match and it gave the fans to see Heavy Machinery in a match, but I must prefer if Sanity was in this match. I feel like they would be the perfect team to take the titles off Miz & Shane. But instead we got Heavy Machinery, and we had a good face off of strength between Otis and Big E. For the first elimination, Kofi was on the top rope, but was caught by Otis and was hit by the compactor and eliminated. Next was Heavy Machinery as Tucker Knight got uppercut and Brogue Kicked and they were gone. Remaining was The Usos and The Bar and this didn’t last long as Jimmy Uso superkicked Sheamus and Cesaro, getting Cesaro out of the ring and suicide dived on him. Jey Uso hit the Samoan Splash and wins the match. Obviously The Usos will win at Chamber and we will see Miz or Shane, most likely Shane, turn on the other.
Match Grade: B-

New Title?
Daniel Bryan and Rowan, who lost his first name just like that, and Bryan said he is a hypocrite for holding the leather strap. He said a cow name Daisy had to die for the making of the strap, and Daisy gets a huge crowd reaction. Rowan gets a trash can and Brayn throws the title away and reveals the new WWE Championship made of hemp, fallen oak (really like how they said fallen oak), and Earth Stones.

A.J. Styles came out and had a very funny line and said did you smoke what that title was made of but was immediately interupted by Randy Orton then Jeff Hardy. We are back from commerical and Mustafa Ali is out and says  everyone in the ring is a future hall of famer, then Samoa Joe came out and buddy did he roast the shit out of everyone. Hes so good on the mic its rididculos how WWE hasn’t given him a title yet. Joe asks about Wendy to AJ and a brawl starts with Bryan running away. Bryan says no ONE will get a title shot, but then Triple H appears on the big screen and says you wont be facing any one of them you will be facing all 5 of them in the elimination chamber match. THis is going to be a very good match and I am so happy for Mustafa Ali and hes going to do some crazy things in this match.
Grade: A+

Grade: B+
Just like Raw the night before, this was an average show, but I think it was better. Becky and Charlotte going at each other, #1 contenders for the tag team belts and a new WWE Championship made this a pretty good show

Raw: 0
SmackDown: 1

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