Super Bowl 53 New England Patriots V. Los Angeles Rams Prediction

New England Patriots (-2.5) V. Los Angeles Rams 

Here we are. The final game of the season and its all every team has worked for this season, but only two of them are able to get there and there can only be one winner. That is a pretty good quote by me, put that on the beginning of the DVD for whoever wins. So lets get into who’s going to win.

The Rams had a pretty good game two weeks ago against the Saints, but a bed ref call really saved them from losing this game. Also the Rams just could not run at all against the Saints. Todd Gurley just couldn’t get over his injury and only had 4 rushes the whole game. C.J. Anderson was the leader rusher with 16 rushed and 44 yards. The Rams need Gurley to be back to full health if they want to win this game because there is no way the Rams are winning this game with just the passing game. Now Jarred Goff did have a good game as he did have 297 yards, 1 touchdown, and 1 interception.

The Patriots had a much better game then the Chiefs, but they did almost blow it. The Patriots did come out hot scoring 2 unanswered touchdowns, but eventually Patrick Mahomes showed up. Mahomes had a good game, but the Patriots just did everything they can to make sure they would not win the game. Now Brady did get saved in the AFC Championship by the Penalty, but he looked good for most the game.

Now for tonight’s Big Game, I have the Patriots winning and covering. The Pats are the better team and have a lot more experience being in the Super Bowl. I think the pressure will get to Goff, and that hurts to say as I am a big Goff, and some will say the biggest Goff guy since there aren’t any Rams fans out there.
Winner: Patriots
Pick: Patriots -2.5

So now lets get into the prop bets and what I think is going to win.
Prop Beats:

Gladys Knight National Anthem O/U 1:47
You have to pick the over here. 1:47 is a short time and you know every singer, especially during the Super Bowl, likes to drag out notes and make the National Anthem more dramatic.
Pick: Over 1:47

Head or Tails
With the Patriots being the “away” team tonight, they are known for picking heads and heads have been hot on the street lately, at least in my mind. So with Heads ht you have to go with tails winning and the Rams getting the ball
Pick: Tails/Rams

Shortest Touchdown Scored O/U 1.5 Yards:
So with this you have to go with the under. We are most likely going to see the ball at the 1 yard line today and someone like Burkhead or Anderson will score from the 1.
Pick: Under 1.5 Yards

Longest Touchdown Score O/U 46.5 Yards
So with this I have nothing to think of besides the fact that if you pick the under you hate football. If you pick the over you want a fun game and a 47 yard touchdown makes it a fun game.
Pick: Over 46.6 Yards

Gatorade Color:
So you have to go white right, or is this just a ruse by Gurley because he clearly doesn’t care about people who talk about fantasy and betting, so why would he be honest now. And I think the Patriots are going to win so I have to see what they are using. When the Pats won in 2017 against the Falcons, they used blue Gatorade so you have to go with that again. Also who doesn’t like blue Gatorade.
Pick: Blue Gatorade

Hopefully we have a good game, because I have a feeling this might get out of hand with the Patriots embarrassing the Rams. Hopefully not.

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