SuperBowl 53 Recap

So the NFL season is over with and it is a very sad day in America today. We got no more football and I’m very sad and we all should be. Now we didn’t have the best game to end the season, but we have to appreciate what we had. Now we don’t get anymore football and I bet in a month or two you will forget how bad the game was and want to have football back. Now it was a terrible offensive game. Both defense played awesome and I saw a tweet saying that all of the people that hated the Rams Chiefs MNF game must of loved this game. Well for the rest of us fun people it wasn’t the best.

It all came down to what team could get that drive and score a touchdown and it was the Patriots. A awesome catch by Gronk and Sony Michel touchdown win them the game. Once Michel scores those points I knew it was over because the Rams looked horrible.

But if you want to blame the whole game on Jared Goff, then you’re an idiot. Goff did not play good, but he had zero help. He got pressured on every play basically, Gurley or Anderson couldn’t run the ball, and the one time the Rams had a chance to take the lead, Brandon Cooks just dropped the ball in the end zone that lead to a field goal instead.

Also McVay got out coached. Belichick showed why he’s the greatest coach of all time. Now if I was the Patriots, get rid of McDaniels. The Pats could have won that game in the first quarter if they stopped running the ball with Rex Burkhead, who I made a joke and said he only gets a clean 3 yards and I looked it up and at the time he was averaging 3.3 yards. If the Pats would just run the ball with Michel and continue to check it down to White they win that game easy.

The MVP rightfully went to Julian Edelman, and there is a case for Gilmore since he got the interception, but Edelman did his job, got open on almost every play and got a calm 141 yards.

It wasn’t a good Super Bowl, but at least it wasn’t Super Bowl 48 where the game was over on the first play. We are now onto basketball season, but I hate basketball right now so it’s baseball season.

PS: I got the over for the anthem, coin toss, and Gatorade correct so big of me.

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