WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 Match Ratings

elimination chamber

Buddy Murphy defeats Akira Tozawa and Retains the Cruiserweight Championship

This was a very good match and Buddy Murphy continues to show why he’s considered one of the best Cruiserweights in the modern era of Cruiserweights. And Akira Tozawa showed once again how good of a wrestler he is, its a shame that they have to be on the pre-show. Very happy to see Murphy’s reign continue, I just wonder who his next opponent could be.
Match Rating: 7.9

Sasha Banks & Bayley win the first Women’s Tag Team Championship

So happy the WWE picked the right people to win this match. I was very scared that WWE would’ve put the straps on Nia and Tamina, but they actually made the smart decision. Surprisingly Jax and Tamina were the fourth teams eliminated and the final two teams in Bayley, Banks, Rose, and Deville was the right choice. Near pinfalls almost won it for both teams and after a Fallen Angel from Rose, I thought Mandy and Sonya were going to win. But Banks got Deville in a nice Banks Statement and got the win. I’m so happy for Sasha and Bayley because they deserve this. They are one of the main reasons why the women got the titles in the first place. Now the match, in the beginning, wasn’t the best, but with how the final two played out, it made it so much better.
Match Rating: 6.8 

The Usos beat Shane McMahon and The Miz and win the SmackDown Tag Team Championship

So I said in my preview blog that I would be shocked if the Usos won after Jimmy Usos incident, but either way, the Usos should go down as one of the greatest tag teams of all time after winning their 6th tag team championship. And into the match, the way Shane was huffing and puffing I thought he was going to die. He did a coast to cast, a half coast to coast, and an elbow drop on the announcer’s table. All the shit Shane gets, you still need to give him credit for how he still able to do all of these moves. Now I was a really big fan of the ending after Mi hit a Skull Crushing Finale, he took to long to roll Jey Uso over, and Jey turned the pin into a crucifix pin and the Usos got the win. After the match, I expected a turn, but the Miz looked madder at himself than he did at Shane and felt like he disappointed Shane. We should see more on SmackDown.
Match Rating: 6.1

Finn Balor pins Lio Rush and wins the Intercontinental Championship

A fine match in itself, where we saw Bobby Lashley destroy most of the match with Lio tagging in and getting his offense. It ended exactly the way most of us knew it was going to. Before the match, they had a backstage interview with Rush and Lashley and you can already see the decision happening there, and they made it too obvious and I didn’t like that. Lio would tag himself in and this is where Finn would take over taking out Bobby and hitting the Coup de Grace for the win. After the match, Lashley turned on Lio and this set up for something later tonight. Now I am one of the biggest Finn fans out there and for some reason, I had no excitement when Finn won. I hope they can do a lot with him now that he has the title (Finn V. Owens at Mania), but as for now, it didn’t do much for me.
Match Rating: 5.5

Ronda Rousey defeats Ruby Riott and retains the Raw Women’s Championship

WTF WWE. Why squash Riott when she is one of your most talented wrestlers in the women division. They could’ve put on a pretty good match, but they decided to make Riott look weak. The main story came after the match where Ronda and Charlotte faced off, but the suspended Becky Lynch came from the crowd and beat Charlotte with a crutch, and let me tell you those were hard shots Charlotte took. Ronda would look on and Becky offered Ronda a crutch and when Ronda looked away, Becky hit her with the cruth. One of the crutch hits actually hit Ronda in the head busting her open so that wasn’t good. Becky would than be escorted out of the arena. At Mania, ecky should expect some stiff hit or hard arm drags from Ronda after what she did.
Match Rating: 2.1

Baron Corbin defeated Braun Strowman in a no DQ match

So I was a little shocked that Braun lost this, but it was all a setup match. Corbin got help from McIntyre and Lashley and they helped Corbin win, reforming this stable. Now there was a nice little spit where they stacked two tables went on a pair of steps and triple powerbomb Strowman through it and that was cool in all, but I don’t care about this. Drew and Braun should be main eventing shows, but Drew is following Corbin, and Braun has lost all of his heat. Damn shame.
Match Rating: 4.6

Daniel Bryan retains his WWE Championship

And to close the show we got a pretty good Elimination Chamber match and we saw how last night was considered Kofi Kingston’s night. Lasting until the end and was so close to winning his first world championship left everyone in the arena and at home silent. Now we did see Kofi get “revenge’ on Randy Orton, eliminating him, but I think we should get Kofi V. Bryan at Mania. Daniel Bryan isn’t main eventing Wrestlemania, so why not give Kofi a title shot and a nice little championship run. He deserves it for everything he has done for the company. You could easily add New Day V. Bryan, Harper, & Rowan at Fastlane for the chance and make a really good story leading up. And no offense to Styles, I don’t need another Bryan V. Styles match.
Match Rating: 8.2

Show Rating: 6.3
This was a very fun show, the chamber matches were pretty good. And for the most part, they got all of the matches correctly. They didn’t have to swerve the fans here, all they had to do was pick the right winners and most of the matches were fun to watch.

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