Manny Machado Finally Picks The Padres

Well I was just working on my Offseason Breakdown blogs trashing Manny and Bryce for taking forever to sign, but here we are. Manny is taking his money and decided being irrelevant is whah he wanted to do. No one will care what he does in San Diego, it’s the perfect place for him to go. He can hit .260 and no one will bat an eyelash because he plays in San Diego. He can talk about how he doesn’t like to run and no one will care. Maybe the one guy who didn’t vote for deGrom will care but that guy is irrelevant too. And by the way the cover picture looks, Machado and Eric Hosmer we’re planing this for years now. Years.

Now does this make the Padres a contender now. Maybe, but the Dodgers are still the kings of the NL West. They could fight for a wild card spot, but with how stacked the NL is with the Braves, Phillies, Cardinals, Brewers, Cubs and Rockies, the Padres won’t be making the playoffs this season.

The Padres still need pitching because at the moment they have no one. They traded one of the best relief pitchers last season so their bullpen is a mess too.

Also I can’t wait for the Mets to play the Padres because then I will now if Manny is playing good or not. I not going to care enough to keep track of a team like the Padres are doing so those 6-8 games the Mets play the Padres will show me of the signing is good for the Padres.

Now all that leaves us is Bryce Harper who is most likely going to the Phillies and that sucks for me, but at the same time it’s doesn’t matter because I don’t know what the Mets are going to do this season. I’m just happy that Manny finally signed because it makes my job as a blogger much easier now that I know where he is.

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