MLB 2019 Offseason Breakdown: Arizona Diamondbacks

The 2019 Season is just around the corner and with two of the biggest stars withholding signing with their teams it made it really hard to start the series up. I thought Manny was going to go to the White Sox and had them in second place, but now that all changes. Enough with my problems lets get into the blog.

Offseason Acquisitions & Loses:
Arizona trades Paul Goldschmidt to the Cardinals for Luke Weaver, Carson Kelly, and Andy Young
I feel bad for the Diamondbacks. They had such good talents in Goldschmidt, Pollock, Corbin, J.D. Martinez and now none of them are there. Goldschmidt was the face of this franchise and was one of the best players in the MLB for the past 5 seasons. Now he’s gone and the Diamondbacks are just a shell of what they used to be.
Patrick Corbin signs a 6 year $140 million contract with the Nationals
With Goldschmidt gone the Diamondbacks felt it was time to rebuild and not sign any of their players back. Corbin had one of his best seasons last year making his second all-star game and having an ERA of 3.15.
A.J. Pollock signs a 6 year $60 million dollar contract with the Dodgers
Pollock on the other hand always had the potential to be a really good player, but a few bad seasons brought his market value down and is only getting 10 million a year now. I think a new home is right for and the Dodgers are a team that could be able to help his career get back on track.

Starting Lineup:
C: Alex Avila
1B: Jake Lamb
2B: Wilmer Flores
3B: Eduardo Escobar
SS: Nick Ahmed
LF: David Peralta
CF: Ketel Marte
RF: Steven Souza Jr.

Starting Pitcher:
1. Zack Greinke
2. Zack Goodley
3. Robbie Ray
4. Luke Weaver
5.Merrill Kelly

Now D-Backs may have got rid of their stars, but they still have some solid players on their team. Zack Greinke is still a solid pitcher who went 15-11 and had a 3.21 ERA last year. Now Grienkie may be gone during this season, but you could get some good pieces for him. Also having Archie Bradley and Greg Holland in your bullpen isn’t the worse.

So I really feel bad for the D-Back fans. 2 years ago they were in the playoffs and was my prediction to make the World Series and now they lost everything. They no longer have any stars from the previous season and that team barely made it over .500 for the season.

Offseason Grade: F

I have the Diamondbacks finishing 5th in the NL West this season. The Dodgers and the Rockies are still the best teams in the division, and with the Padres adding Manny that automatically makes them a contender for the season.

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