Bryce Harper Signs a MONSTER Contract with the Phillies

HUGE contract for Harper and really there is no shock here. Harper is one of the best hitters in baseball and since the start of free agency it was pretty much determined that Harper will sign with the Phillies. Now there were some speed bumps on the way and in the last few days, it was looking a little murky with him going to Philly. It looked like LA had a strong deal for him, but 13 years $330 million dollars will change anyone’s mind. And honestly, Harper was probably using LA as leverage against Philly so he can get the deal that he wanted and he got it.

Now, in my opinion, Harper has no backbone for signing with Philly. With all the mean things they probably said about him when he was on the Nats and all the mean things, they said to him in the last couple of days. This guy just lets people walk all over him and what $330 million dollars makes him look the other way. What a pussy. I wouldn’t want to sign him to my team. We are fine with what we got. 2019-02-28

The Phillies are going to run away with the NL East this season and they now have a very strong chance at making the World Series now. The only team they might have to worry about is probably the Dodgers, but I don’t see the Dodgers getting in the way of Philly this season.

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