So The Giants Just Traded Odell For A Reason I Just Cannot Fathom

So I was just enjoying myself on this slow Tuesday. Then just like most days, my day gets ruined because of New York Sports. I mean FUCK YOU DAVID GETTLEMAN. First, you trade players like Snacks and Eli Apple because you are preparing for a rebuild, but at the same time, you don’t trade Landon Collins. So you can franchise tag Landon and try and get something for him, but you let him walk instead and we get nothing for him. And now the cherry on top we trade one of the best wide receivers in the NFL after just giving him a contract extension.

And what does Gettleman keep on saying to the media? “We didn’t sign Odell to trade him.” So Gettleman is a liar and a fraud. Fire his ass because I am so sick and tired of this bullshit the Giants are doing.

But for what we got for Odell, yes we did trade one of the best WR in the NFL but what we got in return wasn’t bad. A first for this year’s draft, a third and Jabrill Peppers. I don’t hate it. If we can turn the first in a nice player on defense and Jabrill continues to improve this could be a good trade.

And when the Knicks traded that 7-foot Latvian asshole I turned on him like there was no tomorrow, so I guess I will have to do the same thing for Odell. (Stealing this idea from Ben Askren’s twitter)

Hey Odell, you are the reason why we lost the playoff game against the Packers when you took the team on that damn boat. Boom Roasted.

Hey Odell, you are immature for peeing on the field like a dog who does that. Boom Roasted.

Hey Odell, you married a field goal post, you weirdo. Boom Roasted.

Hey Odell, Josh Norman is better at football then you and you should be arrested for attempted murder on him. Boom Roasted.

Hey Odell, Eli Manning is the reason why you have the greatest catch in NFL History, not you. Boom Roasted.

In all seriousness, I love you, Odell. You will be missed and I hope you have the best luck in Cleveland. I really hate Dave Gettleman because he is ruining the Giants just like he tried to do with the Panthers.


PS: With now the two biggest stars out of NY Sports who will be next. Knowing my fucking luck it deGrom getting traded for nobody’s because sports hate me.

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