Just Days After The Giants Go Full Tank Mode And Trade Odell, Today They Sign Golden Tate

So days after we traded a franchise player like Odell and officially started the tank, we are now signing a pretty good receiver in Golden Tate. Now, I don’t hate the move. Tate is a former Super Bowl champ and Pro Bowler who we got on a pretty good deal. My only problem is, when will Dave Gettleman become consistent? We traded a top 3 WR two days ago and started the tank. But you sign a good player and that could hurt our chances of losing and getting better picks.

Now one positive I will take out of this is when we eventually draft a new QB, *cough* Dwayne Haskins *cough*, he will have at least one reliable person to throw the ball to. Shepard and Engram are inconsistent at times so now our rookie QB, *cough* Dwayne Haskins *cough*, can find a reliable player. Also, now Saquon won’t have to rush the ball 300 times a game.

Not really much to say because I am still depressed about Odell and Le’Veon being on the Jets make that worse so I’m just trying to get to baseball season. Watching the Mets lose always gets my life back on track so here’s to that.

PS: Another good thing is my Lions friend said he is a very clutch WR so at least we have that going for us.

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