2019 MLB Offseason Breakdown: Boston Red Sox

Here is my MLB 2019 Offseason Breakdown Blog. This time it is on the Boston Red Sox and I will talk about who the Red Sox acquired and lost, their starting lineup and pitching rotation and my prediction for them this season. Let’s get into the blog.

Offseason Acquisitions and Loses:
Nathan Eovaldi resigns with a 4 year $68 million contract

This is is a good resigning for the Red Sox. Eovaldi was traded for, during the trade deadline last season form the Rays and he had a pretty decent half a season with the Sox. In 11 starts he went 3-3 with a 3.33 ERA, but it was the playoffs where he really showed off. He had 22.1 innings pitched and went 2-1 with a 1.61 ERA.
Joe Kelly signs a 3 year $25 million contract with the Dodgers
So this sucks for the Red Sox because one of the biggest problems the Red Sox had last season was bullpen problems. Now Kelly wasn’t the most reliable pitcher during the regular season, but just like Eovaldi, he showed up in the playoffs. In 11.1 innings pitched Kelly only allowed 1 run and struck out 13 hitters.
Craig Kimbrel still remains a free agent
So at the moment, the Red Sox have lost their two biggest bullpen pitchers and if I was the GM of the Red Sox I would give Kimbrel his money. The Red Sox need better arms in their bullpen and I don’t care how old he is at the moment and how much money he is asking for. When it comes down to the end of the game, you always want someone reliable like Kimbrel on the field.

Starting Lineup:
C: Sandy Leon
1B: Mitch Moreland
2B: Dustin Pedroia
3B: Rafael Devers
SS: Xander Bogaert
LF: Andrew Benintendi
CF: Jackie Bradley Jr.
RF: Mookie Betts
DH: J.D. Martinez

Starting Pitching:
1. Chris Sale
2. David Price
3. Rick Porcello
4. Nathan Eovaldi
5. Eduardo Rodriguez

Offseason Grade: B-

So the Red Sox just won the 2018 World Series and I do not expect any less from them this season. They are still the best team in the MLB and they will finish first in the AL East again and win the World Series. Their roster is just way better than a lot of other teams and I would be shocked if they don’t make the World Series.

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