2019 MLB Offseason Breakdown: Colorado Rockies

Here is my MLB 2019 Offseason Breakdown Blog. This time it is on the Colorado Rockies and I will talk about who the Rockies acquired and lost, their starting lineup and pitching rotation and my prediction for them this season. Let’s get into the blog.

Offseason Acquisitions and Loses:
Adam Ottavino signs a 3 year $27 million contract with the Yankees

Bad loss for the Rockies as Ottavino had his best season in his career last year. Had a 2.43 ERA in 77.2 innings pitched with the Rockies. Now if we are being honest its smart letting Ottavino walk. Ottavino said some harsh words about Babe Ruth so you don’t want that curse going on with your team and let the Yankees have it.  
DJ LeMahieu signs a 2 year $24 million contract with the Yankees
The Yankees steal another of the Rockies stars and this time it’s one of their best hitters. LeMahieu is one of the best defensive second baseman as well as he already has 3 Gold Gloves under his belt in his 8 year career. LeMahiue did have his first below .300 batting average in over 4 seasons, but at the same time had a career high in home runs with 15.
Daniel Murphy signs a 2 year $24 million contract
The Rockies quickly replace LeMahieu with a just as good hitter in Murphy. Murphy was able to hit .299 last season but injuries didn’t serve him well as he was able to only play 91 games last season. I see Murphy getting his average over .300 once again this season and I predict him having +85 RBI’s this season. Murphy will have to learn to play first base once again as the Rockies have a good young player with Ryan McMahon playing at second base now.

Starting Lineup: 
C: Chris Iannetta
1B: Daniel Murphy
2B: Ryan McMahon
3B: Nolan Arenado
SS: Trevor Story
LF: David Dhal
CF: Ian Desmond
RF: Charlie Blackmon

Starting Rotation: 
1. Kyle Freeland
2. German Marquez
3. Tyler Anderson
4. Jon Gray
5. Chad Bettis

Offseason Grade: C

The Rockies lost some major pieces this offseason, but once again their biggest problem is having no starting pitching. Now Kyle Freeland could be a future star, but right now he’s entering his third season and he has a lot to carry with how bad their starting rotation. If they would sign I don’t know, maybe former Cy Young winner Dallas Kuechel that would be a very major move and could really help this team that probably won’t make the playoffs. Right now I see them only finishing in second place in the West and I find it really hard for them to make it when the Cubs, Cardinals, and Braves are all fighting for the same two spots. 

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