Mike Trout resigns with a HUGE Contract

Mike Trout is just laughing at Bryce Harper right now. While Bryce signed his 13 years $330 million contract and now has to live in Trash Philly, Trout is in LA and has $100 million dollars more than him. And why shouldn’t he get this contract? When its all set and done, Trout could potentially be the best baseball player of all time, it just sucks it’s on the Angels. Trout is the best player in baseball and I don’t think the Angels are anywhere close on making the playoffs in the coming years.  Albert Pujols is on contract for the next 4 years and will be 42 when it ends.

To be honest he still is getting underpaid. For a guy who won 2 MVP’s and has been a top 4 MVP candidate (he -placed #4 one year because he only played 114 games in 2017, and every other year he either won it or was in second place) every year since 2012. He should be making a range of $40-50 million a year that’s how good he is.

And when you get in the nitty-gritty of the contract, Trout will be making almost 36 million a year, that’s $221,000 dollars a game, and $24,000 an inning. He’s making more money for one game than most people make in a year. It’s fucking crazy.

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