2019 MLB Offseason Breakdown: New York Yankees

Here is my MLB 2019 Offseason Breakdown Blog. This time it is on the New York Yankees and I will talk about who the Yankees acquired and lost, their starting lineup and pitching rotation and my prediction for them this season. Let’s get into the blog.

Offseason Acquisitions and Loses:
Yankees traded 3 minor league players for James Paxton

Yankees traded some major prospects this offseason to get Paxton and it might have been to many prospects. Paxton has had some injury concern in his past, but he did play the most games of his career last season. Paxton was able to finish the season 11-6 but had a 3.76 ERA and for a lefty pitcher he does not do good against lefty hitters as last year they hit .330 against him.
Zack Britton resigns with a 3 year $39 million contract
Yankees bring back Britton after they traded for him from the Orioles last season. The contract may be a little high, but there is no problem in adding to your bullpen. In 25 innings pitched last season with the Yankees, Britton only gave up 8 earned runs and had 3 saves.
J.A. Happ resigns with a 2 year $34 million contract
Yankees bring back Happ after he too was traded for last season. Happ had some good success in pinstripes as he went 7-0 with a 2.69 ERA in 63.2 innings pitched.
Adam Ottavino signs a 3 year $27 million contract
The Yankees bullpen only gets better as they bring in one of the best relief pitchers in the MLB from last season. Last year Ottavino had a 2.43 ERA in 77.2 innings pitched. It’s a good signing because last season showed Ottavino knows how to pitch in a hitters ballpark.
Troy Tulowiski signs a 1 year $555K contract
This is a very good signing because it’s always smart to take the risk. I said this with Josh Donaldson, but this is different because Tulo is getting less than a million dollars this season. I’m sure no matter how good or bad he will play, there will be nothing wrong with this signing because it’s such a low contract

Starting Lineup:
C: Gary Sanchez
1B: Luke Voit
2B: Gleyber Torres
3B: Miguel Andujar
SS: Troy Tulowiski
LF: Brett Garnder
CF: Aaron Hicks
RF: Aaron Judge
DH: Giancarlo Stanton

Starting Rotation:
1. Masahiro Tanaka
2. James Paxton
3. J.A. Happ
4. CC Sabathia
5. Luis Sessa

Offseason Grade: B-

Now before you start wondering why you got a B-, I’ll tell you why and I think it should be lower. For the past 4 years, all Yankee fans would say how they are signing both Harper and Machado because they are the Yankees and they will have the money to sign both of them. That’s all they would talk about and when you don’t get a single one of those players it automatically a bad offseason. But I will give them the credit for being able to sign players like Ottavino and getting Paxton because those are good players to have.

Now onto what the Yankees are going to do this season, they will have a very similar postseason. They will finish second in the AL and make the Wild Card game, but then have to face the Red Sox once again in the first round. I don’t see the Yankees being able to beat the Red Sox this year in the playoffs. Both have very similar teams and last year the Red Sox blew the doors off of the Yankees.

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