The Mets Finally Do Something Smart, They Extended Jacob deGrom

We finally did it. The Mets actually do something right and we signed Jacob deGrom. After Syndergaard was heckling the Mets to give him the contract, the Mets plane to Syracuse so they can open up the Triple A team was delayed multiple hours all hope was lost for the team. With all this bad shit happening days before the start of the season I thought we were toast already. But giving the God damn best pitcher in the MLB his damn money is the only thing the Mets could do right now.

All we have to thank is Noah Syndergaard. When a player of his caliber goes to the media and says the Mets should pay the man his money, it gets the attention. And shout BVW for finally giving in. I know it’s not his fault since he was deGrom’s agent and he wanted him to get paid last season, but he did the impossible and that’s convince our cheap ass owners to give him the money he deserves.

Now hopefully nothing stupid happens at this Syracuse event because they shouldn’t be there in the first place. The Mets should enjoyed their only day off before the season starts but whatevah. I’m just so happy for deGrom right now.

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