NXT TakeOver: New York Prediction

NXT TakeOver is here and it is a day earlier then it usually is. I was a little shocked when I found out it was on a Friday, but I kind of like it. It gives people like me who aren’t watching every wrestling event a little break where I’m not watching 12 hours of wrestling in 48 hours. Now I’ll only be watching 12 hours of wrestling in 72 hours. Also, I wonder which new signings will be in the crowd for the event.

matt riddle
Matt Riddle V. Velveteen Dream for the NXT North American Championship

This is going to be a fantastic match. A great way to start the show off with, this could easily the match of the night. Riddle got the title match after William Regal announced it on Twitter because of his strong performance in a fatal five-way match to determine the vacant spot for the NXT Championship. Velveteen Dream has been so good in NXT, but I think his time is done. I know he just won the title, but he doesn’t need NXT anymore.
Prediction: Matt Riddle

War Raiders.jpgAleister Black & Ricochet V. The War Raiders for the NXT Tag Team Championship
After Black and Ricochet won the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic they earned a match for the NXT Tag Team Championship against The War Raiders. Now I think this match will be good, but I don’t see it being the usual tag team barn burner type of match NXT TakeOvers usually have. Now it would be cool to see Ricochet and Black have the NXT tag titles at Mania, but I think War Raiders will keep the titles. Ricochet and Black aren’t a real tag team in the first place and they will probably be mainly on the main roster after Mania.
Prediction: The War Raiders

Walter V. Pete Dunne for the WWE United Kindom Championship
Now I haven’t been paying much attention to NXT U.K., but all I know is this is going to be a good match. We all know Pete Dunne is amazing in the ring so it’s going to be a great match anyway. But everything I’ve seen and heard from Walter is great. His hard-hitting chest slaps and his power should make this a good match. Now it should be interesting who they pick to win this match, but I think Walter should get the win. He’s new to the WWE and if he can get a win in his first title match against the guy who has held the title for 685 days would put some legitimacy on Walter.
Prediction: Walter

io shirai
Io Shirai V. Bianca Belair V. Kairi Sane V. Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women’s Championship
A year after winning the title, Baszler is back at Mania week, this time defending her title in a fatal four-way match. All 4 of these women deserve to hold the title a the end of the night, and I am going for the shocking prediction. I think Io Shirai will pull the upset and be the new NXT Women’s Champion. She has been very good since joining NXT so why not reward her with the title. Also, if Ronda is leaving WWE after Wrestlemania, Shayna could take her spot on the roster.
Prediction: Io Shirai

Adam Cole
Johnny Gargano V. Adam Cole in a 2-out-of-3 falls match for the NXT Championship
It really sucks we won’t get to see the ending of the Gargano V. Ciampa feud due to Ciampa really bad neck injury. But this is going to be a very good match and it should be a long one. I would like to see how they add Fish, O’Reilly, and Strong into this match since they need two wins to win the match. For the winner, I am picking Adam Cole to win for the same reason why The War Raiders are winning. Gargano is on the main roster and after Mania, he should be on an exclusive brand. So Cole should win this match and hopefully, soon we get to see an all Undisputed ERA champion faction.
Prediction: Adam Cole

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