WrestleMania 35 Match Ratings

What a show this was. Maybe one of my favorite WrestleMania’s I’ve ever seen and defiantly one of the best in the last couple of years. Now there were some matches that weren’t the best, but it still was a very good show. So lets now get into the show.

Tony Nese defeats Buddy Murphy and wins the CruiserWeight Championship
Match Rating: 7.2
Good match to start the show. Did not expect Nese to get the win, but if you were from the New York area you were getting the win. Also, I might actually watch 205 Live on Tuesday to see what is going on.

Carmella wins the Women’s Battle Royal
Match Rating: 3.8
Not a good match as it was really just a bad battle royal. Thought Askua should have won and I am shocked that Lacey Evans was not in it. Carmella deserves it and she is another person who is billed from New York.

Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins beat the Revival to win the Raw Tag Team Championship
Match Rating: 6.2
3/3 on New York matches as Hawkins and Ryder got the win. Hawkins was very over and I was happy to see him end his losing streak and get a WrestleMania moment. Now they should lose the titles real quick and hopefully, they rebuild this Raw tag division because PU it sucks

Braun Strowman wins the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Match
Match Rating: 4.2
No shock here as everyone knew Braun was getting this win. Colin Jost and Michael Che were good celebrity appearances in my opinion, but I will forever hate Colin Jost for wearing a Cleveland Browns Odell Beckham Jr. jersey.

Seth Rollins defeats Brock Lesnar and wins the Universal Championship
Match Rating: 5.8
I guess Brock didn’t want to stay if he wasn’t the main event. Paul Heyman interrupted Alexa Bliss and the racist and said that the match will start right now. It was the typical Brock match where he dominates for most of it, but Seth was able to get the win after hitting a low blow when the ref got pushed and 3 curb stomps. So far all the faces are winning the matches.

A.J. Styles defeats Randy Orton
Match Rating: 6.1
This was a very hard fought match, but I really didn’t care about this match. The theme of this match was A.J. making sure he wasn’t going to be hit with an RKO, but it was a fine match. Styles would win the match with a Phenomenal Forearm.

The Usos retain the SmackDown Tag Team Championship
Match Rating: 6.4
This was a fun fatal four-way tag match. I was shocked that the Usos retained the titles, but that is what you get when you sign new contracts. Funny moment when Cesaro was doing the Cesaro Swing on Ricochet, he went around 32 damn times. What a ridiculous amount of times to spin in a circle.

Shane McMahon defeats The Miz
Match Rating: 6.8
This was another fun match to watch. The Miz and Shane left nothing out there and we got our yearly WrestleMania meme with Mr. Miz squaring up against Shane. The match would go into the crowd and that has to suck for them since they would have to look at the screens to see what is going on. Shane won the match after Miz superplexes them both off a camera tower and somehow Shane got himself on top of the Miz for the 1-2-3.

The IIconics win the Women’s Tag Team Championship
Match Rating: 5.9
This was not a bad match that we luckily didn’t have to see Nia or Tamina that much. The IIconics were able to get the win after Beth went for an avalanche glam slam on Bayley, but just before Beth left the ropes, Billie Kay tagged beth, Peyton throws Beth out the ring and they get the victory. Very shocked that The IIconics won this match, but I am a huge fan of them and now Bayley and Sasha will be the first ever two time champs.

Kofi Kingston defeats Daniel Bryan and wins the WWE Championship
Match Rating: 9.3
MATCH OF THE NIGHT. Everything that happened in this match was awesome. All the counters Daniel Bryan had on Kofi’s moves, the commentary, Big E and Xavier Woods on the side, all of this made this match awesome. And to end it all, Kofi wins his first WWE Championship. I was very scared Big E was going to turn heel with that present, but it was just new shirts and Kofi got the real WWE Championship. Also, watch this video. The way Xavier Woods was crying made me cry. Just an emotional night.


Samoa Joe squashes Rey Mysterio
Match Rating: 3.1
Who cares. Rey hit a 619, Joe caught him off the top rope and made Rey go to sleep, onto the next match.

Roman Reigns defeats Drew McIntyre
Match Rating: 5.4
This was a fine match, but everyone knew Roman was getting the win. At Least he still got his pyro tho.

Triple H defeats Batista
Match Rating: 5.9
This was a good match, but way too long. I mean Hunter we don’t need to see your long ass entrances every year and you always have some long ass match for some reason. I mean the match should have ended after Triple hit a powerbomb onto the stairs in the ring and Pedigree him after that. But Triple H won after Ric Flair handed Triple H a sledgehammer and HHH hit a Superman Sledgehammer punch on Batista then another Pedigree for the win.

Baron Corbin defeated Kurt Angle
Match Rating:
We all knew Cena wasn’t coming out after he interrupted Elias so this match was worthless. And I know the whole thing of wrestling where you go out on your back, but there was no reason for Kurt to lose this match. Baron Corbin winning here does not help his future in any way.

“The Demon” Finn Balor defeats Bobby Lashley and wins the Intercontinental Championship
Match Rating: 5.9
This was a short quick match, but this WWE Production team sucks. They messed up the Finn Balor entrance where we couldn’t even see him in the beginning. But the match was still good as Finn was hitting moves he usually doesn’t. Maybe the spot of the night was when Lashley speared Balor through the ropes. I don’t know, might just be me. But Balor won after hitting a powerbomb and the Coup de Grace for the win.

Becky Lynch is now Becky Two Champ
Match Rating: 6.8
Yes, the finish was botched, but all in all, this was a very good match. I enjoyed most of it I just wish the match didn’t start at midnight. There were some cool spots like Becky drop kicking Ronda who took a brutal bump. Charlotte Flair still hits the Avalanche Spanish Fly with ease. But then the botches all over the place. A table spot where Charlotte didn’t go through the table. But the biggest one was the crucifix pin Becky won on. I don’t know what happened or how the ref missed Ronda kick out, but Ronda kicked out. It was a shitty way to end the match, but at least it didn’t end in catastrophe where the wrong winner would have won.

Show Rating: 7.7
This was a fun show and I really enjoyed watching it. I wish it didn’t end the way it did, but at least we have The Man, The Beast Slayer, and KofiMania as the main champs

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