2019 NBA Playoffs Prediction: Brooklyn Nets V. Philadelphia 76ers
2019 NBA Playoffs Prediction: Orlando Magic V. Toronto Raptors

(8) Los Angeles Clippers V. (1) Golden State Warriors

Now onto game three of the playoffs, we have the Golden State Warriors, who were the best team in the playoffs taking on the 8th seed Clippers. The Clippers were a team that most did not think would make the playoffs, but 48-34 record later and the Clippers are the 8th seeded team. Kind of sucks for them that they have to play the Warriors because 48 wins is pretty good.

But like I said, the Clippers have to face the Warriors and they are not losing. No one will stop them this year once again as they will go on to win the NBA Finals. Also, the Warriors will win this series 4-1.

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